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Crash & Burn…

So in about 3 weeks I start my final year of Uni…

Terrified doesn’t even come close, im sitting here stressing out, doubting my ability to make it through, at this point all I want to do is graduate, I don’t care if it’s with a 3rd or a 2:2 or whatever, I just want to get there, that will be a big enough achievement for me… I feel like im just going to crash and burn this year, to be honest im surprised I’ve made it this far, I definitely couldn’t have done it without the support that my friends and especially my boyfriend have given me, I probably wouldn’t have even made it this far to be honest, cause there have been times when I just wanted to quit, sometimes it gets very overwhelming, especially when you lack the confidence in your ability as much as I do, you step back and look at everything that needs to be done and just can’t see how it can possibly be done in time… I can only imagine this year is going to be even harder…

Then once all that is done I have to decide what I want to do with my life… I currently have no idea, I don’t even know if games design is what I want to do anymore, I feel so lost right now, I wish I could believe in myself but, I can’t so, I guess we will come back to this post in June when I finish, if I finish…

Wish me luck!

My Plants! – Update…

Sup Guys!

So I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared pictures of my plants with you before, but hey nevermind!

I don’t have as many now as I used to, sadly I left them in the care of my parents when I went to uni, which inevitably meant a few died, it’s not their fault, they don’t know how to look after them so im not mad πŸ™‚

But anyway, here are some recent pics of the plants I do have left, some may look a bit bare cause I recently gave them a trim as they needed it πŸ˜›

Moving Home – Reblog

I saw this post by a blogger from my Uni…

I can 100% relate to all of these!

Take a look πŸ˜€

5 annoying things about moving back home.



So this morning I woke up to no internet =(

My housemate who deals with it all has moved out and because he’s off to Japan at the end of the month he decided to cancel our internet before he went, which I guess makes sense but its cancelled from the 16th, which is tomorrow….. the major problem with this is that im still here til the end of the month…… and it would seem they have turned it off a day early which is always great, thanks Virgin!!

However, I thought I’d figured a way around this, I decided to buy 30 days worth of internet from BT, cost me Β£39 to get access to their WiFi hotspots for a month, which is alright i guess.

So I woke up to my internet being turned off early and not having set up or paid for the BT WiFi this morning, I should have listened to Gilly, he told me to sort it out before my internet goes off, totally forgot that to get the WiFi it required me using the internet…. derp, shows how much I take it for granted these days =P

I’m currently using my phone as a personal hotspot, which is going to cost a bomb, I’m doing it like this so 1. I could buy the internet and 2. I could write this post……. so, all seemed to be going well, I got on the internet, paid for the WiFi and then tried to connect…… MY PC WONT CONNECT!!!! 😦 so now I’m back to using my phone as a hotspot which sucks!

Why can’t things ever be easy, I don’t want to go home before the end of this month but its going to suck if I’m here with no internet!!

Ah well I fear it is going to be a highly frustrating day of my internet dropping out a lot…….

In other news today is GradEx at uni, might pop up and have a look around, get me some ideas for my FYP next year πŸ˜€ GradEx is basically an end of year show for everyone in final year to show off their work, people from games companies and the like usually come and have a look around and sometimes if you’re lucky and your work is really good, people get offered jobs on the spot, which is pretty damn awesome! So yeah, might go have a look at that today, think it’s on til 2pm.

Other than that I will probably just play The Sims all day, or maybe I’ll move my TV and PS3 back upstairs and play some Assassins Creed, the trailer for the new one has got me wanting to finish all the ones I currently have, it’s set in London and it looks sooooo awesome!! if you haven’t seen the trailer yet and like AC I suggest you go watch it NOW!! GO!!!

In fact, here it is, see I even did the hard work for you! it looks awesome! πŸ˜€

Also listen to this song today at some point, it will make your day so much more epic! πŸ˜€

The whole album is amazing though, such feel good music πŸ˜€

Anyways, I’m off to either plan my D&D game that I’ve been talked into running or play The Sims all day!

See you guys tomorrow!


Third Times A Charm…..

Or so they say…….

Sup guys, hope you’re all having a good week, I handed in my last submission on Tuesday so im now officially done with uni til September! here’s hoping I do alright and pass!

Unlike yesterday =/ I had my 2nd driving test yesterday, I failed again! on the same damn thing, reverse around the corner….. what are the odds, 2 tests 6 months apart, 2 completely different towns, 2 completely different examiners and I get given the same damn maneuver…. ah well nevermind! at least this time I improved a lot, I only got 4 minors unlike on my first test I got 9 so I guess that’s something πŸ˜€

Here’s to passing next time! with only 1 minor πŸ˜› I have to wait 10 days now though before I can go in for it again, which sucks cause I really just wanna do it again right now!!!! I am not giving up, I am determined to pass this damn test, even if I go broke in the process πŸ˜›

In other news I’m going to see Mad Max at the weekend with Gilly, pretty excited about that it looks so awesome!

AND!! I found out yesterday that The Darkness are doing a tour in December! proper excited for that cause I will sure as hell be there, even if I have to go on my own! πŸ˜€


My regular blogging is going to pick back up for you guys starting today, I’ve missed it and the longer I leave it the harder it is to get back into it, been having serious writers block, on top of having tons of uni work so it’s not been easy πŸ˜›

Anyway see you all in the next post I’m off to play The Sims!


Introducing……… Polygon Horse!!

Sup guys, hows it going?

Been a while I know but I’ve been super busy with deadlines and stuff.

Anyway, I have more work to show you!

This is a game that me and my friend Nick made, it was for one of my modules at uni and he helped me with it πŸ˜€

Introducing Polygon Horse, it’s a 2D infinite runner platform game!!

We made it in the Unity engine, the assets were sourced cause sadly I’m not that good at creating pretty art =P and of course the music was sourced as well. You are a pretty looking pink horse spreading colour through the lands, you have to rescue the girls to get points and pick up the flowers to get more life, but as you spread colour you slowly fade this is why you need to pick up the flowers so that you can continue your epic journey to once again bring colour to the world!!

I will probably work on this game over summer and make it better, we have a couple of ideas for improvements so, hopefully I’ll get some of them done then I’ll show you guys an updated version πŸ˜€

Enjoy, let me know what you think guys!

Digital Board Game! – DraughtsV2

Sup guys!

Today I’m gonna share some more of my uni work with you all!

This is something that I made for my Unity module, we had to either remake an existing board game and make a digital version of it, or, make up or own board game and make a digital version of it =)

Now you’re probably thinking I made a digital version of Draughts right, cause of the title of this post….. well it started out as Draughts…. then quickly became what it is now, when we realised that making Draughts was going to be way too hard in the time we had =P

Here are some pics of my game!


The aim of my game is to get to the centre of the board before the other players, there are power ups around the board that will do stuff to the other players to help you beat them, there are four coloured power ups:

Yellow – This allows you to move a player of your choice 1 space

Blue – This skips the next players turn

Green – This allows you to move a player of your choice up to 3 spaces

Red – This allows you to destroy any space on the board (except the centre space)

My friend Nick spent the whole weekend with me to help me make this =D I’m not amazing with Unity, but I’m slowly learning and he helped a lot, it was a very fun weekend, lots of pizza, dancing and scripting! =D

And I got a working game out of it in the end which is awesome!

I kept the name as DraughtsV2 when I handed it in, it amused me cause my game is nothing like Draughts and I thought the lecturers might get a laugh out of it as well =P

I’m gonna write a similar post on my official work blog in the next day or so, feel free to check it out here!

See you guys tomorrow, got a cool post for you tomorrow =D


Easter Breeeeeak!!!

It’s finally here!!

My Easter Break from Uni started on Friday and to say that im glad would be an understatement, really need this break to sort myself out, try to get a bit more motivated and to get on top of everything! Hopefully it shouldn’t be too hard =P

So today has been pretty productive, I’ve spent most of the day sorting my room out, I had so much washing to do, I was pretty much out of clothes =P I’m now about halfway through maybe, don’t think I’m going to get it all done and dried by tonight but nevermind, guess I’m hogging the washing machine and dryer for another day =P

Yesterday was a fun day, me Gilly and Nick went into town to play some pool, then later we all came back to mine and played some board games with Vaidas and watched some YouTube videos =D

Did anyone see the eclipse on Friday? I got up early to try to watch it, I think the last one I remember was in the late 90s, I remember being a kid and playing out with my sister and our friend, we were expecting it to go really dark but it didn’t, I don’t remember if I actually saw it back then or not though =P
I did see the one on Friday though, in my infinite wisdom I decided to ignore all the advice about viewing it, stupid I know, and I looked straight at it….. not for like long periods of time, probably like a couple of seconds, it burnt my eyeballs and I had a headache all day, not one of my better ideas =P in the end I used the hole in a piece of paper technique and it worked really well! I was actually surprised that it worked, I wasn’t expecting it to but it was really cool to actually see the eclipse projected onto the other piece of paper that I was holding, wish I’d taken a photo of it now but ah well, you live and learn, I was just enjoying the moment =D

It’s now like 200 days til I got to Disney!!! I’m soooo excited =D I felt like I hadn’t reminded you guys in a while so thought I needed to =P

Anywho, hope you all have an awesome weekend and I shall see you in the next post!


Rough Week….

This week has been a pretty tough one for me, deadlines are looming and I have literally no motivation. It’s been an uphill struggle, trying to make myself do work, it just wasn’t working, I was close to just calling it quits, that’s how crap I’ve felt this week, add to that having an awful pain in my side that just won’t go away, its eased now but every now and then it comes back.

I think Friday was the worst of it, motivating myself to get out of bed has been hard all week but Friday I just couldn’t do it, so, I did the only thing I could, I stayed in bed all day sleeping and watching movies…. not very productive I know but it was breaking point, I think if I’d have gone into uni Friday it would probably have been a very bad decision, or, bad decisions would have been made.

Fortunately, Gilly came round and made me feel better in the evening, we watched movies together and chilled =) now I’m feeling so much better, I’m even motivated to do work! so I have some serious crunching to do, I have a week 6 check up that I’ve done no work for and a hand in, in 2 weeks, which I’ve also done no work for! should be fun =D

My mate sent me this today, it’s now set as my desktop background and shall remain there for a while!

It made me smile =) and it’s very true!


So if any of you guys are having a bad day or feel completely unmotivated, remember that little quote =D

Think happy thoughts! That’s my advice for this week and I shall be doing it myself!



My Avengers team, protecting my PC from the evils of the galaxy!

These guys are all from Kinder Eggs! =P Who says 25 is too old for a kinder egg, though I may have developed a bit of an addiction to them recently in my need to collect all of these guys…..

It all started at Games Jam, I got Nick Fury and Iron Man, from then it just snowballed into 3/4 kinder eggs a day, Captain America was the hardest one to find, I think in my attempts to get him I ended up with about 4 Thors and 3 Loki’s, naturally though I left these extras around Uni for fellow addicts trying to collect them all =P

I never actually got Cap from a Kinder Egg, I was fortunate enough that he was left in one of my lecture rooms last Thursday and one of the guys in my group picked him up and gave him to me! =D

I think they’re meant as some kind of game cause they have little spinny wheels in their heads that have numbers and symbols on them, no idea how this game is meant to be played, I just think they all look damn cool sitting on top of my PC screen =P I’m a massive Marvel fan so naturally when I saw the Marvel Kinder Eggs I couldn’t resist =P one of the Uni shop staff even said to me “don’t you want a pink one” when I bought the blue Marvel ones…… I mean come on….. the girl Kinder Eggs are usually crap, I prefer the boys ones, the toys are much cooler =P and why do girls have to have the pink ones! we can like Marvel too, we don’t necessarily like Barbie and all that other girly crap…..

Not that there’s anything wrong with Barbie, I just prefer Marvel!! I’m a Marvel girl =D

So now that my Avengers team is complete, I need Ferrero to do a DC collection! cause Batman and Superman in a Kinder Egg would be just awesome! Don’t you think? =P

Anyway, hope you’ve all had a great weekend! I was up til 6am playing Fifa with my mate Nick last night…. so much fun but my god am I tired today! Gunna have me an early night I think so I’m not too tired for uni tomorrow!

See you guys later! =D