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Summer Jobs!

So I have a job!

I am now working at Marks & Spencers in Tamworth!

I love it there, I work in the Cafe and its great, I can honestly say that I enjoy going into work, I mean I still have days where I don’t feel like it, but everyone there is so friendly and nice that I genuinely enjoy working my shifts πŸ˜€

I started at the end of June and my contract is until the end of August, I really hope they keep me on, even though I go back to uni in September, I am going into my final year so I wont be in uni that much and if they keep me on I can just travel back to go to work, or, if im lucky I can ask for a transfer to the store in Stafford, that way I wont even have to travel home for work!

But we shall see, I have to actually be kept on before I can start thinking about that πŸ˜› but here’s hoping I do, I really like it there and I definitely need the money!

Yay for getting a summer job in a posh shop!

Happily Ever After? :D

For real this time…

So… It all started a few months ago, my best friend, Nick, told me he loved me, at the time I was already in a relationship, that I thought was the one (I was wrong), so obviously I rejected him and im ashamed to say that I used the line “I only love you as a friend”, of course I fancied him, he is a very sexy, funny and caring guy, but I didn’t want to admit it cause I thought I was already in love, but I now realise that I wasn’t, I also was afraid that things would get weird between us…

Anyway, everything went on as they were, except now I knew that the flirting actually did mean something, it wasn’t just playing, he genuinely meant something, I think him telling me how he felt brought us closer together, when me and Gilly broke up he was right there with me to help me feel better and take my mind off things, sadly though I only had him for a day or two cause I had to come home for summer, even after I came home though he was checking up on me to make sure I was ok πŸ™‚

Our relationship started one weekend in Stafford, he invited me up for a chilled weekend playing games, which we did, originally my intentions were completely innocent but then I started realising that he is my best friend and an awesome guy, and my intentions became less than innocent ;P fortunately his were too, he initiated but I set the conditions of it being just casual, though after that weekend I knew it was going to be more than casual, it was the best weekend I had, had in a very long time πŸ˜€ and then it all just sort o snowballed from there, I’ve spent my summer working and going to visit him and he’s been working and visiting me πŸ˜€

We of course are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend and it is very much not casual, I love him and I know he loves me, he is amazing and makes me laugh hysterically at the most stupidest things, I don’t know how he does it but he does, he makes me happy and above all he is my best friend, I can tell him anything, this is the most open I have ever been in a relationship and it feels so nice not to worry about where you stand or how they will react to what you say πŸ™‚

I love him ❀

Anyway, that was my way of telling you guys that I have a new boyfriend and he is awesome!

Hope you’re all as happy in your lives as I am in mine right now!

Thunder… :(Β 

So as I sit here writing this it’s half 2 in the morning and for the last hour I’ve been watching two storm fronts come over…. 

The rain has just started pouring down, the Lightning is lighting ups the sky and the thunder is apocalyptically loud…. I must say though that when it comes to thunder storms I am the biggest wuss going, I have a love hate relationship with them, I think they’re awesome cause nature bitches, but, then they also scare the crap out of me cause they are so loud! I also have this fear that my house will get struck by lightning, I know it’s very unlikely but still it’s not an irrational thought…

Right now I’m sat at the end of my bed with my duvet wrapped around my and my teddy in my lap, watching the storm through my window, it’s took about an hour for it to get here, before it was just lots of lightning and the odd rumble of thunder, now though I’ve seen fork lightning and people’s car alarms have started going off, it’s also a monsoon outside…. Pretty convinced that this is the apocalypse… 

There is no way I’m getting back to sleep until this storm has passed over! 

Our storms in the UK are pretty weak compared to the ones you get in America, it’s not often i see proper fork lightning where I live, probably like three times ever in my life, two of which were tonight! But they are still damn scary! Or maybe it’s just me… One good thing about this though is after the last few days of really hot weather at least the air will be clear and hopefully less humid…. Maybe

Anyway, I’m going to go cry in the corner under my duvet now, hope none of you guys are being kept awake by these storms! But, if you are let me know how bad it is by you!

P.s. Looks like we have another one coming in, this is going to be a long night! 

Oh What A Lovely Day!

Sup Guys!

What a lovely day today has been! It’s been sunny and warm and clear skies all day! Been a bit of a busy one as well πŸ˜€

Started the day with a fairly early morning, for me at least πŸ˜› and went with my mom to pick my sister up, she’s come home for a few days to go to Download Festival on Saturday, she’s just going for the day to see Muse, I’m pretty jealous, I would have loved to have gone but, I can’t afford it so it will have to wait til next year I think πŸ˜› we then took a trip to the local garden centre with my mom, it’s like the third time I’ve been this week, pretty sure she loves the place, but hey I got to look at the snakes… One day! One day I will buy myself a snake! I love them they are just so cute and cool πŸ˜€

After that we came home and just chilled in the garden, I got a bit sunburnt, silly of me I know but ah well Nevermind!

I gave my plants a long overdue trim, and stole and repotted four of my moms sunflower seedlings, normally I grow my own but I completely forgot this year and now I’m feeling sad I don’t have any of my own to grow, so naturally the only option I had was to steal some of my moms! πŸ˜€ I’ll do a pic post tomorrow of all my plants!

I also discovered today that one of my cacti has sunburn…. How does a cactus get sunburn…. It’s a desert plant, nonetheless I have moved it out of the sun and into the shade til it recovers πŸ™‚

We also discovered a really cool bug in the garden today….

According to my Aunt it is a lily beetle and it likes to eat the leaves on lilies, which inevitably kills the plant… kinda sad really cause it is very cool and unusual looking πŸ˜€ I’ve never seen one before!

We also went out for dinner tonight, I had a nice cheeseburger and chips, nothing adventurous πŸ˜› I like habit! and then we went to a really nice pub/restaurant called Turpins, it was pretty swanky, I’ve never been before and it made a nice change than going to our usual place, gets a bit boring when you go to the same pub all the time πŸ˜›

Now I’m home, in my PJ’s and just about ready to get into bed, I’m so damn tired! must be all the sun…. or I’m getting old, I’m not sure πŸ˜›

Anyway, hope you guys all had a great day and I shall see you tomorrow!

I’m off to bed, Goodnight!


Time To Pack

Sup guys, how’s it going?

I’m not feeling so great today, didn’t get much sleep cause I’ve had so much going round in my head recently so I’m pretty damn tired today, I’m also feeling a bit ill, not sure if it’s hayfever or a bug, guess I’ll find out in a couple days!


Today is my last day in Stafford til September 😦 which unfortunately means it’s time to start packing my stuff away… I hate packing, it takes so long! Especially seeing as I have so much stuff… Takes me two car loads to get it all home πŸ˜›

My parents are picking me up at 11am tomorrow and then I probably won’t be back til September when I move into the new house!

I’m looking forward to having good internet again when I get home, still using that crappy BT WiFi :/

Anyways I’m gunna go start this packing! Hope you all have a great day and I shall see you tomorrow!


Steak & Lava…

Sup Guys,

I was watching this the other day….


Is it just me or does that not look awesome!!

Also, I find lava has this really weird appeal to it, like it looks so good, nice and warm, you just wanna get right in it…. No? Just me then…

My brain tells me its a dumb idea but then the rest of me is like, it looks so inviting!

Maybe I could be a contender for a Darwin award πŸ˜€

Or I just should steer clear of volcanoes and the like…

Damn now I’m hungry…

Assassins Creed!!!!

Sup Guys!

So as I mentioned yesterday I bought a new TV, today I have spent pretty much all day playing Assassins Creed Revelations, I’m totally in love with the game, it’s so awesome!!
My mates have told me it’s not the best one in the series but, I plan on getting Black Flag, that one looks amazing!

I spent all day playing the game but I’m still not even halfway through it yet, there’s so much to do, my friend told me that the best thing to do is get lots of money by constantly investing in stuff, that way you can buy all the best equipment really soon and be awesome at the game….. I decided to take his advice, he was so right! it’s a lot of work but it’s totally worth it!

I feel like tomorrow is going to be much of the same =P although I will be seeing Nick at some point tomorrow, which I’m really looking forward to =D we haven’t seen each other properly in a while, in fact I think the last time was when my parents went to a wedding a couple of weekends ago, so yeah I miss him and it will be nice to spend some time together cause being away from each other sucks!

Today was another really nice sunny day =D I didn’t go to bed til about half 3 last night so was planning on having a lie in, but my mom had other ideas…. =/ she woke me up at about half 8 this morning and then I couldn’t get back to sleep, so ive been playing Assassins Creed since about half 10 til about half 10 ish tonight, its been a long day of gaming but it’s so good, I can finally give my PS3 some love, I’ve never appreciated screen size properly before but I really really do now!

So here’s to the makers of big TVs THANK YOU!!!!! =P


Right I am off to bed now guys, hope you enjoyed this and I shall see you all tomorrow!



Looking Back On Old Projects

Sup Guys!

Hope you all had a good bank holiday weekend =D I had a pretty good one, i’ve been dog sitting for my aunt along with Nick, they come home from their holiday today so then all of our dog sitting duties are complete! The weather has been pretty crappy here this bank holiday, I was kinda secretly wanting my parents to have a bank holiday BBQ but it hasn’t stopped raining all weekend =(

Anyway, today’s post is about looking back over old projects, mainly things that I did at college and one project in particular, it is one which I worked on as a group project, it never actually got finished which sucked but this was mainly due to there only being three of us in the group and probably biting off more than we could chew.
Yesterday I found the plans for this “game” I say game it was more a single level… but yeah, I found the sketches for it and thought it would be cool to come back to it, maybe not turn it into an actual game as I don’t single handedly have all the skills needed e.g. rigging, animation etc.

Here are the sketches for what the level looked like, the pics are hand drawn so aren’t exactly tidy but this is the first ever game I worked on =) and as part of my summer project thing I may go back to it and build it in UE4!!


This was a basic plan that I drew, the idea was you were trapped on an abandoned underground platform of a train station, there’s a derailed train on the tracks and monsters, the end carriage is positioned underneath a hole in the roof of the underground station, the roof has collapsed and there is a hole in the roof of the carriage, to escape the platform you must first kill all of the monsters and then climb up through the hole, however, until all the monsters have been killed the last carriage is locked, this will obviously stop people from just running to the end and escaping without having killed any monsters. That was the basic idea we came up with as a group anyway, I may however go back and tweak it a bit to make it more interesting, e.g. when you climb through the hole you come out in the upstairs section of the station where more trouble awaits…… not sure yet but I shall keep you all up to date =) I also found some concept art that was drawn for us, her name was Zoe and she was another student at our college =D

Concept EnvironmentΒ Β  ConceptCreatureΒ Β  JTSCAN009

These are the concept art drafts for how the level will look and the concept art for the monsters that were going to be in the game, however I will more than likely change how they look in my version, I was now thinking maybe more zombies or something, I have a bit of a thing for apocalypse style games at the minute =P



This was the final piece of concept art that she did for us, I think it sort of sets the atmosphere for the game but I also think that it was lacking a bit, but who am I to judge its better than anything I could ever do, it was also her first ever piece so it is pretty good, all things considered.

I will post more about what I have decided to do and will no doubt share the process with you guys, I have other bits of work from college that I would like to go back to at some point cause I think it would be fun to reflect on them now I have more experience and make them better =D


I hope you guys enjoyed this and as usual I shall see you all tomorrow!

Happy Sunday!

Sup Guys,

Thought I would try to post early today as I am off round my aunts later to look after her dogs, Nick is coming too =) we are highly sought after dog sitters it would seem =P I also don’t know if I will be able to get on the internet at my aunts cause I can’t remember her password =P

Today is my first proper day using my new PC, last night it installed 164 updates =/ I completely forgot that a desktop has to be plugged into the mains permanently so I had to leave it on while I went to bed, unlike my laptop where I can just leave it running on its battery and it’ll turn off when its done.
Something else I just remembered about getting a new PC is, none of my stuff is on it! which means I need to spend a good day moving everything over, it’ll take a while but will be worth it, im just lazy and really want to listen to music and I can’t be bothered to move it over yet, so I guess ill have to make do with YouTube =P I also have a new keyboard, and it’s always weird, you’d think the keys would all be in the same place but the spacing is slightly different so its taking me a while to get used to it, if there are any spelling mistakes that I’ve missed in this post that’s why and I apologise cause no doubt there will be =P

Now that I finally have my new PC I need to buy some extra RAM for it, im thinking ill probably get it off Ebay as that is where it seems cheapest, my PC currently has 8GB RAM but I wanna upgrade it to at least 16GB so it will run everything super easy =) I can now also finally download UE4 and use it!! im so excited for this its gonna be amazing! me and Nick can also start working on our summer project…. our very first game! we will most likely do it in UE4 seeing as i’m paying for a license to use it, it makes sense and it looks so good =P we aren’t entirely sure what our game will be yet but I think we have a few ideas kicking around, I will most likely post more in depth about it when we have something =D

Me and Nick finished dog sitting for his parents yesterday, we had a fun week looking after them and it was nice to have some time to ourselves for a while despite being woken up every morning at 10 to 4 =P it was a lot of fun! we are now dog sitting my aunts dogs and cousins cats til Tuesday while they are all off on holiday in Cornwall =) we had a pretty scary thunderstorm yesterday, it consisted of LOTS of rain and about 4/5 claps of thunder, one of which was really loud! apparently it set the car alarms off by my house, at least that’s what my mom told me =P I hate thunder and lightning, especially if I’m out in it, I guess it’s not so bad if I’m in the house but it’s still scary, I wish that we would get storms like they do in America though, our storms seem pretty pathetic compared to theirs…. anyone else get thunder yesterday?

Ooh yesterday I came home to L plates for our car =D, I’m currently learning to drive and have had five lessons, my next one is Tuesday morning and I’ve been nagging my parents to let me drive the car, but they wouldn’t let me til we had some L plates and they went and bought me some yesterday so I’m pretty excited to use them =D our car is an automatic and I’m learning in a manual so it’ll be a bit different but hopefully I wont forget anything =P

I hope you guys enjoyed yesterday’s post, the Word a Week Photo Challenge, I enjoyed taking part in it before I took a bit of a break to focus on my uni work, so now it only makes sense for me to get back into it, which I will =)

Right I suppose I best go get ready now, its 12 o’clock and I’m still in my PJs and need to shower then go round my aunts, but hey its a Sunday i’m allowed to be lazy =P

Hope you enjoyed this post and I shall see all you guys tomorrow!

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday Guys!

I hope everyone had a good weekend!

It was another really hot day today and mine and Nicks first day of dog sitting =D we took the pooches for a walk this morning but it was only a short one cause of how hot it was, didn’t wanna dehydrate them or ourselves =) pretty sure that my ankles have been bitten to death cause they itch like crazy!

We then spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching TV, the Chelsea Flower Show started today and will be on all week, I have watched it religiously for the past 3 or 4 years, mostly since I started keeping plants of my own, I like to see all the interesting and pretty gardens that they have on there as well as all the beautiful flowers, but the main thing I watch it for is to see the Carnivorous Plants display, seeing that is always my favourite bit =D one day hopefully ill be able to go and actually visit the Chelsea Flower Show and see it all in person!

Tomorrow should be a good day, I have my driving lesson at 2pm which I am really looking forward to and I also had an email, text and phone call to tell me that my new PC will be delivered tomorrow!! I am super excited for that to get here, my inner nerd is in heaven right now, it’ll be like my christmas and birthday all in one when it arrives, I’ll share a pic of my new baby with you all tomorrow and no doubt I’ll ramble on about how awesome it is =P

Oooh also a little update on our bee house, we only have 11 un-sealed holes left! Once all the bees are done I’m gonna count how many there actually are so I have some kind of reference, the new one should hopefully be here by Wednesday and it will get put up straight away!

I am off to bed now guys, hope you all enjoyed this post and you all had a great weekend!

I shall see you all tomorrow!