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Moving Home… 4 Weeks In.

So a month ago on the 8th I moved back home to my parents house, along with Arran, in preparation for when baby comes (Still no sign of him! he’s now 4 days late!!!)
The last 4 weeks seem to have flown by, maybe because we have been keeping ourselves busy or maybe just cause of our imminent arrival, I’m not really sure, either way I can’t believe it has been a month already!

Living back at home hasn’t been too bad and I feel like Arran has adjusted to it pretty well also, I was worried that it would be awful, losing that freedom of having your own house and doing whatever we want whenever we want, but it has felt more or less the same, granted we don’t have as much space to ourselves here and have to live in a way that is considerate towards my parents but on the whole things have been a lot easier than I thought they were going to be.

The main reason for the move was so that once baby is here we would have the support of all my family, seeing as all of my family live within close proximity of each other it makes being able to drop on someone for help a lot easier than had we still been living in Burton, where we had no family or friends, I also didn’t want to be alone with a newborn once Arran went back to work.

We will also save quite a bit of money by moving back into my parents house which means we can hopefully save up for a nicer house in a nicer area, I will hopefully be able to go back to work even if its only part time a lot sooner than if we had been on our own which means we will have even more money saved up and of course another big thing is we will be able to have time to ourselves without having to always be mom and dad cause there will usually be someone on hand to help look after baby, which will be nice cause there are quite a few movies coming out in the next few weeks that I would love to go see!

So yeah, on a whole moving back home hasn’t been too bad, a lot easier than I thought it would be, but it is definitely not a permanent solution and once baby is here and we’ve had a month or two to adjust we will probably start re-assessing our options and maybe look at getting our own place somewhere close by, that way we have the best of both worlds, our own house and family support close by!

Fingers crossed!


2014 My Year In Review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for my blog!

How cool is this! been a pretty good year I would say =D

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,200 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 20 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Michael Jackson – XScape

So I’m sure most of you are probably aware that there is a new Michael Jackson album out today, if not it is called Xscape, it is MJ’s second album released since his death in 2009.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before I am a massive MJ fan, like borderline obsessive =P however recently I haven’t really listened to him, occasionally I’ll have months at a time when I will literally listen to nothing but MJ and I’m pretty sure I must drive my parents mad listening to the same songs over and over, anyway I pre-ordered the new album and it came yesterday, I was at Nicks for the weekend and it was waiting on my bed for me when I got home! Of course the first thing I did was open it a put it straight onto my laptop so I could start listening to it………..

My god, I don’t even know where to start with this album, they have been using “Slave To The Rhythm” to promote it on the new Xperia advert, I was instantly hooked on this song and have been listening to it over and over on Youtube, including the version which has Justin Bieber in it, now, this song is just the tip of the iceberg, they are all “new” songs on the album, pre recorded before he died then modernised, they sound amazing! They have also included the original versions of the songs and they are just as awesome, I genuinely think I am in love with this new album!

So the track list for the album:

1. Love Never Felt So Good

2. Chicago

3. Loving You

4. A Place With No Name

5. Slave To The Rhythm

6. Do You Know Where Your Children Are

7. Blue Gangsta

8. Xscape

9. Love Never Felt So Good(Original)

10. Chicago (Original)

11. Loving You (Original)

12. A Place With No Name (Original)

13. Slave To The Rhythm (Original)

14. Do You Know Where Your Children Are (Original)

15. Blue Gangsta (Original)

16. Xscape (Original)

I spent all of last night listening to this album on repeat, I love it so much, my favourite track has to be Chicago at the minute or Slave To The Rhythm, they’re both awesome, another favourite is A Place With No Name, so catchy and has an awesome beat, not your traditional MJ but it totally works.

I’m pretty sure I know all of the lyrics to Chicago already I’ve listened to it that much.

I’ve read a lot about this new album, but being a massive MJ fan I didn’t need it selling to me, it was literally a case of  TAKE MY MONEY! next to my £800 PC this is probably my best purchase of the year, it cost me £12 definitely the best £12 I have spent recently!

Oki, so I will try to do some kind of review, be warned though I am listening to the album as I write this so I am liable to go off on a rant about how good it is =P I’ll do both the new and original version of each song together =)

Love Never Felt So Good – The modernised version of this song just oozes classic MJ, it has a great intro and reminds me of some of his original classics from Off The Wall, the beat is awesome and catchy, the producers have added a sort of disco beat to it whereas the original version has a piano, but other than that they haven’t messed around with it too much, the disco beat totally works and it definitely fits in with MJs style!

Chicago – This is one of my favourite tracks from the album, including the original, I could easily listen to this one on repeat all night long! It has a very modern pop song feel to it, the beat is awesome and catchy and the lyrics have a lot of emotion, it was recorded in 1999. One of the things that I love so much about this song is the raw sound of MJs voice, he has so much control over it and it is probably my favourite way that he sings, in both the original and new version. There is not a massive difference from the original, in the original it has a nice slow drum beat which also sounds good and catchy. Another classic MJ song =)

Loving You – This one starts with a nice piano beat and drums, another classic MJ. It’s quite a slow song while not one of my favourites it’s still a great song, it has a lot of feeling in it and is very catchy =) I do love the original version of this song, it has a demo vibe to it but at the same time sounds polished, the beat is pretty much the same and it feels like it would quite happily sit on one of his earlier albums like Off The Wall or even Bad!

A Place With No Name – Where do I even start with this one….. this is another favourite, it has an amazing beat and reminds me of Sam Sparro – Black and Gold, it has a strong intro and the lyrics are simple and catchy, its one of them songs you can’t listen to quietly, it has to be loud, even if your ears don’t agree =P It has a lot of feeling and is hopefully going to be one of the hits off this new album, I could listen to this song and the original on repeat all night….. in fact I probably will when I’m done writing this =P It’s hard to say which album this song would fit on best but, I would probably pick either Invincible or Bad, I think this has got to be one of the best and strongest songs on the album! The original is just as awesome, the intro and beat however is very different and gives a totally different feeling to the song, the original has acoustic guitar and a bit of drums, it gives it a bit of a rocky country feel and I love it just as much!

Slave To The Rhythm – The song that they have pretty much been using to promote the album, every time I hear this it makes me so happy it’s another one of my favourites and with the amount of coverage its had I would be surprised if it wasn’t a hit. The new and original are totally different but both just as awesome. The new one comes in with a strong intro and has a rather techno feel to it, the beat is catchy and very bassy, it’s very modern and definitely takes MJs music in a new direction but at the same time totally works and doesn’t sound out of place at all, again the lyrics have a lot of feeling and are awesome! The original is another one that sounds very demo like, it still has a strong beat but it doesn’t sound quite as polished, it’s not as strong as the new version but it is just as good in its own way.

Do You Know Where Your Children Are – This song takes MJs music in a totally different direction to any of the others on this album, it is another that has a techno sort of feel to it, its very modern. Although not one of my favourites the lyrics have a lot of emotion and it totally fits in on this album. The original version of this song is very cool and has such a different beat to it, I think that the original works better but both songs are awesome and definitely work for MJ.

Blue Gangsta – Firstly this song has a very cool name, the intro kind of reminds me a little bit of Dangerous. It is pretty catchy and cool, has a nice beat and is another that really shows off MJs control over his voice. The original is very different to the new version, the beat is just as nice but in a different way, it’s a lot more instrumental and has an even cooler vibe to it.

Xscape – The title song of the album and another great example of the control MJ has over his voice, this song has a catchy beat and sounds very modern. It fits MJs style and his voice and works really well on this album, again this is not one of my favourites but it is still a great song and I still really like it! The original starts with an awesome intro and has a very strong beat, I think I probably prefer the original version of this song over the new, it has a great beat and is very polished and MJ, it fits his style just right and sounds amazing and has definitely become one of my favourite tracks on the album.
There is also a lot of feeling in the lyrics for both versions, but the original is definitely my favourite of the two.

I’m no reviewer and to be honest this is the first time I have ever done any kind of “review” but it was fun, I am just a MJ enthusiast =P but seriously if you are going to buy any album I would highly recommend this one, even more so if you are an MJ fan, it is amazing!

There will always be people who say that it is a voice impressionist and that it’s not really MJ singing on these tracks, however it doesn’t take much to realise that it is him, Sony have done him proud and I think that he would be really pleased with this album, he was a perfectionist and was well known for wanting to push his music to new levels, that is exactly what Sony have done, they have taken his music to new levels and it sounds great.

I shall now go and listen to this album for the rest of the night/day =D

What are your thoughts on this album? Are you gunna get it if you don’t already have it?

Hope you all enjoyed this!

See you all tomorrow guys!