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Moving Home… 4 Weeks In.

So a month ago on the 8th I moved back home to my parents house, along with Arran, in preparation for when baby comes (Still no sign of him! he’s now 4 days late!!!)
The last 4 weeks seem to have flown by, maybe because we have been keeping ourselves busy or maybe just cause of our imminent arrival, I’m not really sure, either way I can’t believe it has been a month already!

Living back at home hasn’t been too bad and I feel like Arran has adjusted to it pretty well also, I was worried that it would be awful, losing that freedom of having your own house and doing whatever we want whenever we want, but it has felt more or less the same, granted we don’t have as much space to ourselves here and have to live in a way that is considerate towards my parents but on the whole things have been a lot easier than I thought they were going to be.

The main reason for the move was so that once baby is here we would have the support of all my family, seeing as all of my family live within close proximity of each other it makes being able to drop on someone for help a lot easier than had we still been living in Burton, where we had no family or friends, I also didn’t want to be alone with a newborn once Arran went back to work.

We will also save quite a bit of money by moving back into my parents house which means we can hopefully save up for a nicer house in a nicer area, I will hopefully be able to go back to work even if its only part time a lot sooner than if we had been on our own which means we will have even more money saved up and of course another big thing is we will be able to have time to ourselves without having to always be mom and dad cause there will usually be someone on hand to help look after baby, which will be nice cause there are quite a few movies coming out in the next few weeks that I would love to go see!

So yeah, on a whole moving back home hasn’t been too bad, a lot easier than I thought it would be, but it is definitely not a permanent solution and once baby is here and we’ve had a month or two to adjust we will probably start re-assessing our options and maybe look at getting our own place somewhere close by, that way we have the best of both worlds, our own house and family support close by!

Fingers crossed!


24 And Still At Home……

Sup Guys!

Today has been a pretty slow day, this will more than likely be a short post cause nothing much has happened =P

I had a nice lie in today, my driving lesson, which was my seventh one was at half 2, today I got to experience driving at 60mph, it was pretty scary, my driving instructor though is awesome he makes you feel really comfortable and keeps reassuring me that I’m doing good =P at first I thought driving at 30mph was scary but now I’m used to that and comfortable with it so I guess ill get used to driving at 60 eventually, so long as we do it more =P

Its been pretty miserable here as well today, its been cloudy and rainy all day, which never makes you feel like doing anything.
Yesterday was fun, I went back to Stafford for a few hours to meet up with my friends from uni, we had some dinner and a few drinks and it was nice to hang out and have something to do, we are doing it all again tomorrow except I’m probably going to stay over so we can stay out later =P and probably get quite drunk, ill more than likely do my post before I got out, don’t wanna do no drunk blogging, as fun as that would be to read back the next day I can imagine it would only be a bunch of garbled junk lol so I guess no more than usual πŸ˜›

Going off on a bit of a tangent now but I kinda need to rant a little……..

S I’m 24 and still stuck living at home with my parents, I know really I should be grateful but sometimes its hard, sometimes everything just gets on top of me and I just wish there was somewhere I could go to get away from it all, don’t get me wrong, I love my parents and I’m very grateful that they let me live at home for free, I know most people’s parents make them pay their way, but, there is just something that I find incredibly frustrating about it all, I don’t really have my own space cause my mom just walks in without knocking whenever it takes her fancy, I have to live by my parents rules, I have to eat the boring food that they buy and the more time I spend here the worse I feel, little things wind me up purely because I’m frustrated about it all, for example two things today, my mom asked me if I was going out tomorrow, I said yes, then she got a bit arsey with me because she wanted me to go fetch something for her cause she was going to be out as well, the other thing was she took me to ASDA tonight I wanted to get a few things, one of them being some white nail polish (which looks awesome by the way) but I had a particular one in mind that I wanted, anyway while I was looking she was picking others up and showing them to me and saying why not get this one etc. this sort of thing annoys me at the best of times but when I’m already feeling frustrated by other things it only makes it worse, anyway I finally picked one I wanted and it was about Β£3, my mom then started picking up cheaper options claiming she had used them and that they were better, which I know wasn’t true, when I kept saying no to them she eventually said fine suit yourself……. well yes that is exactly what I was planning on doing!! I wasn’t buying the nail polish for your pleasure! Damn that drives me crazy when she says that to me cause it’s usually when she’s desperately trying to control some aspect of my life that I don’t want her to, maybe its just me, maybe I’m being too touchy but I dunno….. I know one thing though, damn am I looking forward to moving to Stafford in September! I cannot wait to get away from it all!!

…………………… Rant over =P

I hope you guys have all had a good day though and the weather hasn’t been too rubbish for you! I’m looking forward to hanging out with my friends again tomorrow, it should be fun =D hopefully I wont make a fool of myself or throw up, I like to think i’m somewhat a controlled drunk lol

Ooh yesterday when I went up to the bar I got ID’d, which I know isn’t an achievement in itself but when you’re hanging out with a bunch of 20 year olds and they aren’t getting ID’d it’s pretty funny, I also got told by a rather friendly old guy that I look about 15, when I told him how old I actually was he was shocked =P I guess it must be a good thing to look young, hopefully I’ll still be getting ID’d when I’m 30, that would be both awesome and probably annoying….i’ll let you know =P


Also you may have noticed that I changed my theme, this one feels a bit more grown up, what do you guys think of it? Is this one better or do you prefer my old one?


I’m gonnaΒ go get an earlyish night now guys, I shall see you all tomorrow!