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The Mummy Diaries: 39 Week Update!!

I’m still here, still waiting, still no baby!!

So 39 weeks, not a lot has happened this week really, he’s still pretty high up, making it super uncomfortable to sleep most nights and when he’s really in my ribs it makes even sitting painful, but hey only a few more weeks to go at most!

This week was Arran’s week of holiday, sadly though he has to go back to work today cause baby hasn’t shown up yet, however his paternity starts as soon as he is born, which is awesome cause it means he will get the full two weeks with him and not just a few days like I had feared, so now it’s just a case of waiting for him! Was hoping he would be a May 4th Star Wars baby but we well and truly missed that deadline!

I did have a nice little trip out with my friend this week, went to Lichfield for a few hours and got some lunch and had a little look around the shops, was nice to get out of the house for a bit and see her, I don’t plan on going out again now though til he is born, walking is getting painful and tiring so just plan on spending my time til he is here relaxing!

People keep asking if I’m fed up, or frustrated, I mean it would be nice if he had come early or if he came soon, but I’m not stressing about it, I don’t see the point, some people get really impatient and frustrated but it won’t help, might as well just relax and enjoy the last few days/weeks of feeling him move around inside me cause soon enough he will be here and probably screaming his head off!!
Same goes for labour, everyone keeps asking me if I’m scared or nervous but I’m not, the way I see it, loads of women have done it before me and loads will do it after me, it’s no big deal, I mean sure it is probably going to hurt and be tiring but that’s what pain meds are for and midwives, everything is there to help make it easier and more comfortable, so I’m just going to just take it as it comes and not stress out about it too much, I just really don’t see the point or how it will help me, calm is the way forwards!

On the name front we are a little closer to picking one I think, we have a few that we like but I think mostly we are just going to wait til he gets here and then decide, hopefully that way it will be easier… maybe… that or he’ll have no name for a few weeks!

Today is my due date! Happy Due Date to me, sadly though baby doesn’t appear to have gotten the invite, but nevermind he will be here soon!

The Mummy Diaries: 35 Week Update!ο»Ώ

So I am a week later than intended with this update but nevermind, things have been super busy recently, me and Arran moved home and have had a ton of packing and unpacking to do but we’re almost done, thankfully… I hate moving house, it’s so stressful but needs must right!

Anyway, my last update was at 32 weeks, things have been pretty boring really, not much has changed, braxton hicks have ramped up a little and are starting to get more painful, baby is now engaged which is exciting! but also painful sometimes, pretty sure he is using his head as a drill and trying to grind his way out of my pelvis…. not nice!!

We did have a birth class last Thursday, it was quite informative, they went through all the possible scenarios that could happen during labour/delivery, we did a few quizzes and they taught the dads some massage techniques, which was really nice!
I also learnt why I am in so much pain all the time when I’m walking etc. turns out my pelvis has separated a little too much and apparently that is super painful, the best way to deal with it according to my midwife is to tie something tightly around my hips because then it will push it all back together! so yeah it’s all good times over here, but, I’m still enjoying feeling my little dude moving around, even if he is hurting me a little!

The closer we get to his due date now though the more excited I am, I’m like wishing it along faster, I want to know how much hair he will have, what colour his hair will be, what his little face will look like! ah man I’m just super excited for him to be here!

I have another midwife appointment today which will be my 36 week appointment, I wasn’t supposed to have another now til 37 weeks but unfortunately today was the only day my midwife was available, I have also changed midwives, which is a little sad I really liked my midwife in Burton she was lovely, oh yes I almost forgot to mention at my last appointment with her I almost fainted… I have no idea why, I am going to blame it being super warm that day, but she did also take some of my blood too and I am not good with that sort of thing so it could have also been that… but anyway, I am sure my new midwife will be just as lovely!

So according to the app on my phone baby is now the size of a kids backpack this week(35), he weighs between 5 & 6lb and is roughly 19inches long! he is focusing on putting on lots of baby fat ready for when he is born because now all of his major development is complete and he is most definitely running out of space in there!

I wonder how much longer I have left?!


The Mummy Diaries: 32 Week Update!

So it’s week 32 already!! Not much has happened in the last two weeks, I haven’t had another midwife appointment yet, my next is at 34 weeks, that will be my last one with my current midwife before I move home and have to change 😒 I love my midwife she’s so nice and never makes me feel silly when I ask dumb questions, but needs must sadly, I’m sure my new midwife will be just as lovely! 

Sleeping has gotten a little more uncomfortable these past two weeks, I’ve had a stuffy nose since about 14 weeks and now that we are getting to hayfever season it just feels even worse, I also can’t sleep on my back anymore, it makes me lightheaded πŸ˜› so I’m stuck with sleeping on my sides which is not exactly comfortable! Ah well only 8 more weeks to go til my due date!

I use Ovia as my pregnancy app, I love all the lite tidbits of info it gives you, so now apparently baby weighs in at almost 4lbs and is roughly 18inches long!! Hes a perfect little person, just needs to put on a bit more chub! I had my baby shower on the 11th, it was overwhelming and great all at the same time, I got so much stuff it’s ridiculous and now I have to sort all of it out into size order! I will do a separate post about my baby shower with all the juicy details at some point this week! 

Here’s some pics from my Ovia app about baby πŸ‘ΆπŸ» 

Hopefully I don’t give birth to an Armadillo… 

Meet The Sprog!


Welcome to the family little dude!

About 14 weeks ago we got the biggest most unexpected surprise, we found out we were having a baby, we were scared and confused and generally just in shock, especially after what we had previously been through, for it to happen again so soon after was terrifying but I knew this time it was for real, there was no way I was going to give him up again!

I am now 22 +4 weeks pregnant and loving it, I think so far I’ve had a pretty easy ride, my bump is still tiny though, I was kind of expecting to be bigger by now but I guess everyone is different! The two pics above are from both of my ultrasounds, the one on the left is from 14 weeks and the one on the right is my most recent pic at 20 weeks, we decided pretty early on that we wanted to find out the gender and from then on the wait was excruciating, I needed to know! but we got there in the end, the 20 week scan was the Monday before Christmas so it was like a lovely little early present to ourselves, we had a bet going between us, I was convinced we were having a boy but OH thought we were having a girl…. I was right! my prize was his next days advent calendar chocolate!

So now we have the enormous task of picking the right name for him! My mom bought us a baby names book, it has literally hundreds of names in, how on earth are we supposed to pick one when there are so many good ones?! How do people narrow it down to one?!
We have also been given a ton of stuff for him… like how can such a tiny person need so much stuff?! my family have been nagging me for a list of things we will need so they can get us things but I don’t even know where to start, apart from the obvious, clothes, nappies, cot and pushchair!

So many things to do and only 18 weeks left to do them in! one of those things is going to be huge, we need to move house, currently we live in a smallish one bedroom flat, up a flight of stairs, not too keen on bringing him back here cause
1. getting him and the pushchair up and down the stairs is going to be a nightmare and
2. there is just not enough room, currently im keeping all of his stuff at my parents house as they fortunately have room to store it!

Cannot wait to meet our little dude and,Β I can say for sure that my 2017 is going to be better than 2016!


Do Video Games Really Make Young People Violent?

knig_game_controller_contr10So this is the age old question……. do video games create/incite violence in people?

I wanted to talk about this, mainly because I read something a few days ago about it, it is an argument that will never simply go away, the only way it will ever go away is through education, educating both parents and consumers.

Firstly I would like to say that this is a very controversial subject and anything I say is my own opinion, feel free to comment and share your opinions too, I very much enjoy debating about interesting topics such as this.

This is an argument that rears its ugly head far too often, usually after the release of a highly anticipated triple A game, for example one of the most recent ones being Grand Theft Auto 5, this is the one that is currently being slated, it is an 18 rated game and there is a very good reason for that, I have played this game and I am 24, there are parts of this game that even upset me, I’m not overly sensitive or anything like that but there are sections that even I thought were a bit much, I enjoy games and have played them for a long time, I play a wide variety of genres, including war games and games that some people would consider are for children and I have turned out perfectly well adjusted and fine.

Unfortunately these days we live in a society where people are always looking to blame others for their or other people’s actions and when it comes to violence in young people, games seem to be taking the brunt of that blame.
Despite the fact that it has been proven that video games do not create violent young people no one seems to be listening, especially parents, parents who don’t and will never play video games, most seem to have this idea that it’s just a game, how bad can it be and then go and buy an 18 rated game for their 10 year old, it happens, there are young children who play GTA5 you hear them online using language they shouldn’t even know let alone understand and who is to blame for this? not the video game companies, not the game itself, but the parents, why are they allowing their 10 year old child to play a game that is well known for violence, sex, drugs and bad language? Would they take them to an 18 rated film? Game and film ratings exist to stop children being exposed to things that are not age appropriate, people need to start paying attention to them.

Young children are like sponges, they learn from what they see, they copy the actions of others and if you give them a game to play that is not age appropriate and they then start displaying behaviour that is out of character, the sensible thing to do is remove the game and replace it with one that is age appropriate, teach them that their behaviour is not ok and things will be back to normal, but, if they were never given the game in the first place the problem would never have come about.

At the end of the day the parent is the one in charge, if the child asks for a game, don’t just go out and buy it, research it, read reviews both good and bad, watch game play footage on Youtube, it’s not hard to find out the content of a game these days, you can Google pretty much any game and get 1000s of hits with information about it, so don’t just blindly buy a game because they say their friends have it and it’s not that bad, go out, find out what the game is all about then make a judgement, you know your child better than anyone so make a judgment on whether you think they can handle it or not!

For video games to cause a person to become violent, the mentality has to already be there, the person has to be susceptible to that kind of behaviour and if that’s the case, violent games and films are nothing but a trigger, the person would have ended up behaving like that with or without video games or films. Anyone who is fully aware of the line between fiction and reality will never play a game like GTA where you can kill people for no reason and then, in real life walk out onto the street and kill someone, it just doesn’t happen, whereas someone who is mentally unstable and can’t distinguish between fiction and reality is more likely to do that, all the game or film does is plant the ideas into their heads, they don’t make them do it, they go out of their own accord and do it.

This is the very reason why parents should really be researching into the games that their children ask for, it’s all well and good parents complaining and saying that companies shouldn’t be making violent games and that they should be banned etc. but by that logic then surely everything violent should be banned, news stories about murders, wars, robberies. Films that are violent for no reason, and if that were to happen we would be living in a world where we feel we have to shelter our children from all the bad that goes on.

Video games are only going to become more and more real and for some people this further blurs the line between what is real and what is not, so do your children a favour, research what they ask for, it is not hard, you have the whole internet at your fingertips all it takes is a few hours to look into a game and make a judgement for yourself, stop being the friend and worrying what your kids will think of you and start being a parent and taking responsibility for how your child behaves.

As mentioned these are my opinions on the subject, however they are not just made up opinions that I have came up with without having any knowledge in the subject, i have spent a long time reading over articles of people claiming a video game made their child violent and reading other peoples arguments both for and against the case, I truely believe that the responsibility lies with the parents and that parents need to educate themselves more in the games their children are asking for before they go out and buy them.

In answer to the title of this post, in case you hadn’t gathered already, no I do not think that video games make young people or anyone in general violent, I think for that to be possible they have to already be mentally unstable and if that is the case games and films are nothing but a trigger to their behaviour.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, please feel free to share your own opinions on the subject.