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The Mummy Diaries: 38 Week Update!!

38 Weeks! I honestly never envisioned going past 37 but here we are and with no signs of him showing his face anytime soon either, I guess he’s all warm and cosy in there!

I had a midwife appointment on the 25th, it was just your usual run of the mill appointment, nothing eventful happened, she took my blood pressure, checked my pee sample, felt for baby and listened to his heartbeat, everything is perfect so all is good on that front, he is also now 3/5ths engaged, which really doesn’t mean all that much cause he was the same 4 weeks ago and then decided to move out of my pelvis, which is annoying but ah well, the braxton hicks contractions have now all but stopped too so I am pretty positive this is going to be a long wait!

He is just as wriggly as ever which is wonderful, I really am going to miss feeling his little kicks inside of me when he’s finally here, but, I am so excited to meet him!
According to Ovia this week he is the same size as a Ukulele, weighs roughly 7lbs and is about 19 and a half inches long! lets hope he doesn’t get too much bigger than that! also apparently if he has hair it has a colour by now and his eye colour is also coming in! although I am thinking he will have lovely blue eyes because both me and Arran have blue eyes, I do hope he has lots of dark hair though, but thats not something you see very often, dark hair and blue eyes, but who knows we shall see, I’m sure he will look utterly adorable whatever he looks like!

Arran starts his paternity leave this week! I can’t wait, its going to be so nice to have him around for a whole 3 weeks, we just gotta hope that baby decides to show up in good time so that Arran gets to spend as much time with him as possible!

Here we go into 39 weeks! I might start taking bets on when he will arrive, feel free to leave your guess in the comments!

P.s. my appetite is out of control… please tell me this is a sign!


This World That We Live In…


So not my originally planned post but in the wake of what happened in London yesterday I feel this is appropriate.

For anyone who is unaware here is a link to the live updates on the BBC News website.

Yesterday (22.03.17) a man decided to drive his car at high speed across Westminster Bridge hitting a crowd of people completely unaware of what was about to happen, he then crashed the car and stabbed a police officer to death before he was shot and killed…

At least 40 other people have been injured in this attack, some of which are in a critical condition…

London has been on high alert for a terror attack for quite some time, so I think everyone saw this coming, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is an awful tragedy, events like this make me grateful that myself, my family and my friends all live in quiet little towns where things like this rarely if ever happen and it is truly awful that we live in a world where people like this exist and live among us, where things like this can happen at anytime, anywhere.

The man who did this was apparently investigated by MI5 over concerns of violent extremism, but no further action was taken, it makes you question whether this tragedy could have been avoided? why was he not put under surveillance? why was he allowed to walk the streets among us?

A further eight people have now been arrested in connectionย with yesterdays events, but sadly that will not bring those who were killed back, nor will it repair the damage done to all those involved. The best we can hope for is that something like this will never happen again, but unfortunately this kind of thing will probably never be completely eradicated, it is a very sad and violent world that we live in…

As a country we have to carry on, we cannot let the terrorists win, we must stand up to them because if we don’t what happens then? we become a nation where the bad people win and the good people suffer, we cannot allow them to beat us down!

My heart goes out to all the victims and families of the victims that have been affected by this terrible event and i hope they can find peace in knowing that everyone is thinking about them.


2017 Relaunch!


So 2017 is finally here, time to start all that new year, new me rubbish that everyone always loses motivation for by the middle of Jan… Fortunately I have decided to stick with being the same old me that we all know and love! except this year I’m actually going to make a proper go at relaunching this blog… Can you believe it’s been 4 years this year since I started this!

Starting today I am going to aim to post twice a week (for now), Tuesdays and Fridays, I like this schedule cause it means I get a couple of days in between each post to think of new posts and as I occasionally suffer from bloggers block i definitely need this time and I definitely need to start off slow again and build myself back up, I need to rekindle my love for blogging, cause I really do love it!

Along with my new schedule I have updated my theme, changed my layout a little and added some new pics for my header bar! trying to make it feel a bit more fresh, hopefully all of this will help right, I mean if you fall out of love with something its best to start fresh… that’s my theory at least!

So here’s to 2017 being an awesome year and I will be back on Friday with my first post on the new schedule!! (Which is some pretty big news btw)

Back in the game…

Sup guys! 

Happy 2016! 

Hope you all had a great new year, mine was lovely, got to spend it with Arran we spent the evening just chilling watching films, so it was a nice quiet night for us.

So 2016 is going to be a pretty big year for me, I graduate (hopefully) at the beginning of July and then one of my best friends gets married at the end of July, I will also be permanently moving to Stafford once I finish uni which will be awesome, me and Arran will be getting a little flat together, starting our lives together properly and I absolutely can’t wait!

I’m going to be 26 this month as well which is scary! 

You know what I have quite a lot to catch you all up on, so rather than trying to get through it all in this post I shall do lots of individual ones, I’m quite excited to share this stuff with you so keep your eyes peeled, I’ll be back next week with the first of many posts and I shall keep to this schedule for the foreseeable future, one post a week and then if I want to it gives me room to post more during the week as well. 

So, hope you all have a good week and I hope 2016 is going to be as exciting for you as it is for me, let me know some of your big news in the comments! 

See you next week,

Sarah x

Why I HATE Roller Coasters…

So this happened yesterday…

Smiler Coaster Crash via ITV News…

I live not too far from Alton Towers, about an hour away, I’ve never been and to be quite honest I don’t particularly want to go…. I’m not a massive fan of theme parks, unless they’re in America, we just don’t do them very well in the UK, in my opinion at least… American theme parks are just far superior ๐Ÿ˜€


The crash on the Smiler coaster yesterday, pretty serious it seems, been reading all the updates and stuff about it and I for one will never be going on it….

That shits scary enough as it is without adding the potential for a serious accident like that to the mix!

So yeah, reports like that are what keep my feet firmly on the ground when it comes to roller coasters!

What about you guys? any of you been on The Smiler? do any of you like coasters like that, or are you more like me and just stay the hell away from them? ๐Ÿ˜›

Comment me!


Feb Is Almost Over!!! Spring Is Coming =D

My internet going down seems to be becoming a more regular thing now, it went down again yesterday and I went through those 6 stages lol.

Today is going to be one of them days, last night I went to bed with a massive headache and now I have woken up with it, which really sucks but nevermind, life goes on!
I have a house viewing at half 5, the two guys im looking with have already seen this one and are pretty much sold on it, they are taking me to see it today and then the decision is down to me, if I say yes then we will take it, if I say no then we won’t, it’s not quite how I wanted the whole thing to play out but its kinda ended up like this, I’m the one pulling the strings, which I suppose in a way is good but then we all have to be in agreement, so if we found a house I liked and they didn’t obviously we wouldn’t move into it.

Today is also another D&D day! I look forward to these days, at first I didn’t think I would cause we finish at about 9pm and I commute so that is pretty late for me, my last train home is quarter to 10 and it takes about 20-25 minutes to get back on the train plus a 20 minute car journey, so I don’t get in til super late, but the games are fun so it is worth it, Tuesdays game is a little more organised so I prefer that one a bit more, but I’m enjoying today’s one too, I just hope this damn headache goes away before I go in!

I feel like I’m not doing so well at keeping up with posting, especially on my other blog, I go days without posting anything, mostly cause I cant think of anything interesting to say and don’t want to fill it with useless drivel, but, I’m going to up my game and make sure I post something every day, it’s quite satisfying to see the highlighted dates on my calender at the side, I’m not sure why, it just is =P

Now its the 20th of Feb already, these last 2 months have flown by, the weather here has been crazy, so much flooding and so much wind, I really feel for all the people whose houses have been ruined by the floods, but there are also the people who live in coastal areas, they have had some serious tidal surges, no one seems to give them much thought and the main focus seems to be people who are inland and flooded, it’s a shame really, coastal areas need just as much help and protection as those who live on flood plains, I bet the people who live in coastal towns find it hard to sleep at night when a storm like what we’ve had hits, it must be terrifying!

On that note I want to share 2 videos with you, they show how much people who live on the coast have to deal with and how terrifying it must be, I have been watching a lot of these videos because I find the sheer power of nature interesting, they are also an insight into how the coast is affected by storms like this as it is very rarely reported on the news.

This is the storm hitting Dawlish in Devon, the waves are huge and at the end the railway line has been washed away!

This is the aftermath of the storm that hit Dawlish….

It is very scary to see what nature can do, I’m lucky I live in an area that never floods and is not near the coast, I feel for anyone who has been affected by these storms, some people have been told they won’t get back into their houses until Christmas =(

On a more positive note, it’s starting to get a bit warmer now! Spring is coming and I can’t wait for warmer weather, fed up of the cold now, we haven’t had any snow except for a little flurry a few days ago, that didn’t stick luckily!

Who else is looking forward to finally getting some warm weather?

I will probably be back a bit later to tell you all about the house =D I’m quite excited for it and hopefully it’ll b the one!

See you later.

Zero To Hero Day 13: Someone Pass The Blogroll!!!

Do you like the title? I thought it was pretty funny =P but then I am quite easily amused!

So today is day 13, and today’s challenge was to build or improve your Blogroll.

Until today I never had a Blogroll, in fact I didn’t even know what it was or what it did, turns out it’s a pretty simple thing to add your favourite links to your blog sidebar!
As I am pretty new to all of this WordPress stuff I have added my two favourite YouTube channels, they are daily vlogging channels so it is quite like blogging but on video instead, I will take my time adding other links etc. to my Blogroll and pick out some of my favourite blogs to add to it over time =D

Check the channels out, they are fun to watch and the two are completely different to each other!

Just a short one tonight, I will be putting up a new post tomorrow, it’s going to be exciting!! For me at least =P

See you all tomorrow!