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The Mummy Diaries: The Nursery Is Finished!

It is finally finished, clothes are all washed, pictures are hung, Moses basket is here and the room is tidy! 

It’s not a very big room but it will do, baby will mostly be in my bedroom for the first few months anyway so it’s not like he will need a ton of space. We did it fairly neutral although I have sort of gone with a bit of an animal theme, I like animals and baby’s like animals so why not, also that way I get to add colours to the room subtly without making the room look smaller by using bright colours on the walls!

Here are some pics!

His cot is mine from when I was a baby and has just been repainted and had a new mattress bought for it, the pictures on the wall my mom made for us and the colourful door knobs I painted myself, so a lot of effort and love has gone into it and I think it looks pretty damn good!!

Anyone else decorated their nursery with mostly handmade/hand me down items?


Happy Valentines Day! ❀️

Happy Valentines Day everyone! 

Hope you all have something fun planned wether you’re going out or staying in, are in a relationship or single! Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just for couples, if you’re single then you should totally use today as an excuse to treat yourself to something you love! I mean why not! 

Me and Arran celebrated Valentine’s Day on Sunday, we went for a lovely meal at Bella Italia 😊 so tonight we are staying in with a box of chocolates and a movie! 

Hope you all have a great day and night! 😘

Meet The Sprog!


Welcome to the family little dude!

About 14 weeks ago we got the biggest most unexpected surprise, we found out we were having a baby, we were scared and confused and generally just in shock, especially after what we had previously been through, for it to happen again so soon after was terrifying but I knew this time it was for real, there was no way I was going to give him up again!

I am now 22 +4 weeks pregnant and loving it, I think so far I’ve had a pretty easy ride, my bump is still tiny though, I was kind of expecting to be bigger by now but I guess everyone is different! The two pics above are from both of my ultrasounds, the one on the left is from 14 weeks and the one on the right is my most recent pic at 20 weeks, we decided pretty early on that we wanted to find out the gender and from then on the wait was excruciating, I needed to know! but we got there in the end, the 20 week scan was the Monday before Christmas so it was like a lovely little early present to ourselves, we had a bet going between us, I was convinced we were having a boy but OH thought we were having a girl…. I was right! my prize was his next days advent calendar chocolate!

So now we have the enormous task of picking the right name for him! My mom bought us a baby names book, it has literally hundreds of names in, how on earth are we supposed to pick one when there are so many good ones?! How do people narrow it down to one?!
We have also been given a ton of stuff for him… like how can such a tiny person need so much stuff?! my family have been nagging me for a list of things we will need so they can get us things but I don’t even know where to start, apart from the obvious, clothes, nappies, cot and pushchair!

So many things to do and only 18 weeks left to do them in! one of those things is going to be huge, we need to move house, currently we live in a smallish one bedroom flat, up a flight of stairs, not too keen on bringing him back here cause
1. getting him and the pushchair up and down the stairs is going to be a nightmare and
2. there is just not enough room, currently im keeping all of his stuff at my parents house as they fortunately have room to store it!

Cannot wait to meet our little dude and,Β I can say for sure that my 2017 is going to be better than 2016!


Happily Ever After? :D

For real this time…

So… It all started a few months ago, my best friend, Nick, told me he loved me, at the time I was already in a relationship, that I thought was the one (I was wrong), so obviously I rejected him and im ashamed to say that I used the line “I only love you as a friend”, of course I fancied him, he is a very sexy, funny and caring guy, but I didn’t want to admit it cause I thought I was already in love, but I now realise that I wasn’t, I also was afraid that things would get weird between us…

Anyway, everything went on as they were, except now I knew that the flirting actually did mean something, it wasn’t just playing, he genuinely meant something, I think him telling me how he felt brought us closer together, when me and Gilly broke up he was right there with me to help me feel better and take my mind off things, sadly though I only had him for a day or two cause I had to come home for summer, even after I came home though he was checking up on me to make sure I was ok πŸ™‚

Our relationship started one weekend in Stafford, he invited me up for a chilled weekend playing games, which we did, originally my intentions were completely innocent but then I started realising that he is my best friend and an awesome guy, and my intentions became less than innocent ;P fortunately his were too, he initiated but I set the conditions of it being just casual, though after that weekend I knew it was going to be more than casual, it was the best weekend I had, had in a very long time πŸ˜€ and then it all just sort o snowballed from there, I’ve spent my summer working and going to visit him and he’s been working and visiting me πŸ˜€

We of course are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend and it is very much not casual, I love him and I know he loves me, he is amazing and makes me laugh hysterically at the most stupidest things, I don’t know how he does it but he does, he makes me happy and above all he is my best friend, I can tell him anything, this is the most open I have ever been in a relationship and it feels so nice not to worry about where you stand or how they will react to what you say πŸ™‚

I love him ❀

Anyway, that was my way of telling you guys that I have a new boyfriend and he is awesome!

Hope you’re all as happy in your lives as I am in mine right now!

Break Ups SUCK!

So yesterday sucked…

Me and Gilly broke up 😦 

I guess I kinda saw it coming, like things felt a little weird, I told him I loved him a couple days ago and then after that things didn’t feel the same as before, he woke up yesterday to a huge essay from me asking him about stuff and then he came round and we broke up…

He told me he didn’t feel that strongly about me and that it was unfair for me to be with someone who couldn’t say they loved me back, and so it was for the best, we’re going back to being just friends, so I guess that’s somethin, at least I haven’t lost him altogether…

I’m not mad at him or bitter, cause I love him, and I respect him a lot for calling it off rather than stringing me along faking things that weren’t there you know, I just keep thinking if I never said anything would things have been different, but then I wanted him to know how I really felt so maybe what I did was a good thing…

So yeah I’m feeling pretty crappy at the minute, didn’t get much sleep the night before cause I was up thinking about all this and then last night I didn’t get much sleep either cause, it was kinda hard to switch my brain off :/ 

Nick was lovely though yesterday, as soon as I told him he came round and spent the day with me, he already had plans and I felt bad for dragging him away from them but, I just couldn’t be alone yesterday…

Anyway, I hope you guys weekends were better than mine!

I shall see you all later


Happy Mothers Day!!

To all those wonderful, hardworking, caring, loving moms out there…..


Sit back, relax and get your little minions to do everything for you, you’ve earntΒ it =D

Today I will be heading home for the day to see my wonderful mother, she’s always been there for me even thoughΒ in my teenage years we argued a lot, she was only trying to make me see what was best for me, at the time I didn’t see it but now I do! and I wish I’d listened and not been so hot headed, but hey I guess that’s a trait I inherited from her =P We will be off out for a meal later as well to celebrate so it should be a good day!

Hope you all have wonderful days and I shall see you in the next post!


Valentines Day! <3

So tomorrow is Valentines Day! Hope everyone is looking forward to it, even if you’re not in a relationship, it’s a day to show those who you care about that you love them!

Even though people say its something you should do all year round I think its nice to have a special day for it! I mean pancakes get their own day so why can’t love!?

Its date night tomorrow night for me and Gilly, we will probably get a chinese and watch a movie or something =) have a nice chilled night in =D

You guys got any plans for tomorrow?

I also start my driving lessons again tomorrow! WOO! I’m having them in Stafford now as well so I wont have to go home every week for my lesson which will be nice and save me like Β£7 every week!!

I’m excited and a bit nervous about it though cause, new people and all that, but I’m sure it will be totally fine!

Anyway, hope you’ve all had a good week I’m off for a late night Maccies! I shall see you in the next post!


Looking Back

So 2014 has been a bit of an up and down year for me, I’ve done some of what I wanted to do but not all of it.

I started this year with Nick and I’m ending it with Matt, the bit in between was hard, me and Nick were struggling for most of this year til we eventually broke up about the middle of August, I think it was probably one of the best decisions I have made this year, I was unhappy and felt suffocated by it all and with the help and support of my friends and family I got through it, granted it didn’t take too long but I guess everyone is different, it probably also helped knowing I had Matt there for me too, and all I wanted was him =) occasionally I still have little fleeting moments where I question my decisions, where everything still feels strange but I was with Nick for almost 6 years so I guess things are bound to feel a little weird, I do know however that I definitely made the right decision, in these last 4 months I’ve been the happiest ive been in ages and now I have Matt so it all worked out for the better =D

I have changed quite a bit since the start of this year, I think I am a more happy person now, I mean I still have my days where I feel miserable for no reason or I start thinking why would anyone want to be with me, of all people, but then I stop and think, I have an amazing boyfriend, great friends and awesome family, what have I got to be sad about and that usually cheers me up, I am actually having one of them days today, this post is helping me feel better and I figure writing about everything will help too =)

I’ve also gone from never dyeing my hair to dyeing it about 3/4 times in the past 4 months, I’m currently a nice shade of like deep red and I love it =D I think I am a lot more open about things than I used to be but I’m still pretty shy, which is something I need to work on because shyness gets in the way of plans =P

There have also been some really good things that have happened this year, I passed uni and got onto second year, my cousin had a beautiful baby girl called Florence who I had the pleasure of meeting a few months ago, sadly they live in Cornwall though so I don’t get to see them very often.
I started driving lessons in July and am ready to take my test now, that’s only 6 months since I started! though I did fail the other day but I am determined to pass next time!
I moved up to Stafford this year, its only been 4 months but I love it, it’s so much fun living away from home, being able to do whatever I want, have people over whenever I want and not having to deal with my parents rules =P
I got told that I am going to Disney in October next year so that was some awesome news from 2014, im super excited and I was like a 5 year old screaming and running around when I got the call from my parents =D
But of course the best thing to happen in 2014 was that I got with Matt =) (It still feels strange to call him Matt) but in the space of a few months everything changed, I told him how I felt in July and we had our first date in September =D and things have been awesome since!

So here’s to a 2015 that will be filled with fun and happiness! *Raises glass* Cheers guys!


Catch Up =)

Sup Guys!

I’m not good at this am I =P I always take a bit of time off to do stuff then forget to come back! Well im back and I have quite a bit to tell you all, ill try not to make it too boring =P

So I guess I’ll pick up where I left off!

Last time I posted I was having a filmathon and it was the week before I was going to my friend’s house, well its now been 2 weeks since I got back =) the week at my mates house was awesome, we had a lot of fun, drank a lot of alcohol and played a lot of D&D! I had a lot of fun cause I could just be me, I could forget everything that was going on and just have fun, well I thought that anyway, about 3 days in I kind of broke down to my friend, it wasn’t pretty but he was understanding and made me feel better =)

While I was at my mates house we all went to see Guardians Of The Galaxy…. oh man this film has got to be one of the most awesome films I have seen this year! Well done Marvel! If you haven’t seen it yet I would highly recommend going to see it, its hilarious and awesome and just generally a film that everybody should see!

If you’ve seen the film who was your favourite character? I think mine was either Rocket or Groot, Groot is so cute and Rocket is just plain awesome!

We also went bowling =D me and one of my friends, (who im sure I will tell you more about in the coming weeks) have an ongoing competition at bowling, we always seem to play just 2 games of bowling though whenever we go and the competition is always even…. we need to play 3 games one time to get rid of our tie, the way it goes is I always thrash him at the first game then by the second game I’m tired and that’s when he beats me =P its fun but god damn I just wanna beat him at something for once =P

So I guess that leads me onto these past two weeks since coming home from my mates…….

They have been pretty up and down emotionally, me and Nick broke up on the Tuesday after I got home, it was a mutual decision at the end of the day and it was probably best for us both =) its been hard and very lonely but I’m getting through it, we are still talking but for now I am happy and that’s the way I want to keep it =)

I move to uni in 8 days, I’m getting the keys to my new house on the 1st and then I will be moving in on the 5th, im pretty excited for it and for actually having a social life again! I’m done with summer now, im ready for uni to start again, the break is way to long and after a few weeks you run out of things to do and it just gets very boring, I need some sort of structure back in my life!!
I’ve spent the past few months buying stuff that I want/need for the house but now I’m 8 days from moving in I havent packed a thing and have no idea where to even start! So much packing to do…. ive been procrastinating playing games =P mostly The Last Of Us……. my god that game is amazing, I started it last friday and I’m 70% of the way through, I love it, the story is great, the graphics are awesome and it is just really fun in general =D definitely gonna have to get the remastered version I think for the PS4 when I get one!!

Now I’m sitting here writing this waiting to finally go and meet my baby cousin Florence! So excited to meet her at last cause I’ve so far only seen photos and videos of her on Facebook due to my cousin living down in Cornwall so we don’t see them very often =P

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this catch up! and I shall see you all in my next post =D


Life… =)

Sup Guys!

Hope you all had a good weekend =) Mine was pretty good!

So quite a lot has gone on in my life since I last did a proper post like this, I’ve been wanting to talk about it for a while but haven’t, in fact the last time I wrote a post was the 13th, the day I got back from my mates house, everything was still pretty peachy then but it didn’t last too long =/

However I did forget to tell you guys that I now have two more beautiful babies in my life =D one is my baby cousin who was born on the 14th =D she was a week overdue but we are all glad she is finally here, she looks just like her dad but hopefully she will grow out of that πŸ˜› and her name is Florence, I can’t wait to meet her, she is my first baby cousin in a long time and she is my aunt and uncles first grandchild =D
The second beautiful little girl in my life is called Charlotte, she is my new niece =D she was born on the 5th and was a day overdue =P she looks just like her older sister Ali so much it is kind of like they are the same baby! she literally is the spitting image of her and they are both gorgeous, me and Nick have yet to meet her though but hopefully we will be going round sometime this week =D

This is gonna be a hard one to write, but I shall persevere because this is about me and my life and maybe some day I will want to read back over this particular event =)

So recently things have been a bit hard between me and Nick, it is entirely my fault and a question that I have asked myself a lot recently is why when things are going good or life seems to be on track I always have to go and make things complicated, I always do it, I never see it coming though, it just sorta happens then things get beyond my control and messy and it sucks =/

Basically there is another guy in my life who I have been friends with for about 2 years give or take a few months, I started getting feelings for him and in the process I have pushed Nick awa, it’s probably been going on for about 4 months and I told Nick about 2 weeks ago, I feel like a horrible person, I’ve pushed him away and made both of us unhappy, we ended up breaking up which sucks but for now it is probably best while my feelings are all up in the air, I don’t wanna hurt him anymore than I already have…..

We have been trying to work things out between us cause we both want it to work, 6 years is a lot to walk away from especially when we both still love each other =) we are still broken up but seeing each other, which is a fairly good arrangement for now but obviously things have to work themselves out one way or another =)

I hate how things are at the minute, it’s so confusing and miserable =/


So I started writing this post at the end of last week, I was still finding it really hard and was pretty upset about it all, it was hard to write then but I finished it off today =)
Things between us are now a little bit better, were both trying really hard to make it work and space is probably helping, its hard to argue about stuff if you’re not together =P

Heres hoping things will get back to normal with us! =) just have to keep positive and keep working at it!

I just have to keep reminding myself and Nick that these things happen, I’m only human and all I can do is make the right decision and try to put things right =)

Hope this hasn’t been too depressing for you all but I needed to get it out of my system =)

See you all in the next post!


P.S. We have now met our new niece! we saw her on Saturday and she is awesome and beautiful just like her big sister!!