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Easter Bakes!

So I know it’s only March but yesterday me and my friend decided to have an early Easter!

We did some baking! We took some inspiration off Pinterest and made a Mini Egg and Marshmallow Rocky Road!

To make it we followed a simple Tiffin recipe and then added our own stuff to it, our own stuff being Mini Eggs and Marshmallows, it didn’t take us too long and was super fun and very yummy and of course we both Instagramed the finished product!

Here are some pics!

Looks good right!! Well I can confirm it tasted great!


How Do You Blog?

So my shitty internet connection recently has inspired this post.

I paid Β£40 for the privilege of using BT WiFi hotspots for the next month, cause my housemate cancelled our contract with Virgin seeing as he goes to Japan in like 5 days, and to say that the connection is bad would be an understatement, my desktop wont connect to it, my laptop which I’m currently using is temperamental with the connection, my iPad is really the only thing I have that can’t get a decent connection, but I guess it’s not meant to be used as a home connection so that’s why it’s not all that great….

However, the bad connection inspired this post, so lets roll with it, I wanna know what you guys blog on the most? and where is the strangest place you have blogged from? πŸ˜€

This should be fun!

Normally I just blog from my desktop in my bedroom, nothing special but it’s where I spend most of my time these days, sat at my PC playing games, watching YouTube and of course blogging πŸ˜€

Recently though I’ve been forced to blog from my iPad a lot, due to bad connection, I don’t like doing it from my iPad all that much, I’d rather do it from a PC if I had the choice, iPads are great and I love mine but blogging from it is a bit of a pain, mainly because if I wanna add a photo or something I have to save it to my iPad first, and that’s just annoying πŸ˜›

Occasionally I will blog from my laptop, in the lounge or from my bed…. cause yeah I’m lazy πŸ˜› in fact I’m currently blogging from my bed!

Its comfy! don’t judge me πŸ˜›

And very, very rarely I will blog from my phone, I think I’ve done it like once or twice at most, and that brings me to the weirdest place I’ve ever blogged, it was on a train using my phone, this is the post “Kudos To Commuters” and I think I was on my way home from Stafford for a driving lesson πŸ˜›

So yeah, that’s how I blog! mostly using my desktop, but occasionally when my internet is bad or I’m not near a PC I use my iPad πŸ˜€

I will be blogging a lot from my iPad in Disney, unless the hotel has PCs that I can use πŸ˜›

How do you guys do it?

Also whats your preferred device and what inspires your posts the most?

So many questions I know, but I’m interested in you guys! πŸ˜€


So recently I’ve been trawling Ebay looking for a new camera, specifically a compact one to take to Disney, it needs to be really good though, which is where my problem is, all the good ones are super expensive!!!

Looking at all the cameras on Ebay though has reminded me how much I love to take photos, not like selfies, photos of things like insects, landscapes and plants…… mainly cause they are easy subjects and don’t move =P also I find people complain too much about looking fat or ugly in photos, so I gave up on that a long time ago =P

Anyway, my mate Nick was saying he’d never seen any of the photos I’ve taken, he then told me to put them up on here, and thus this blog post was born! he has inspired me to go through my photos and pick out my favourites to share with you guys, so yeah, these are ones I’m particularly proud of =P


So yeah, these are some of my favourite pictures out of the 1000s that I’ve taken over the years!

My plan is now to get a new camera and start taking pics again cause I love it!


Life Is Gooood!

So last night I was lay in bed on my iPad reading other people’s blogs and I found one that got me thinking, thinking about how thankful I am for everything and everyone I have in my life at the minute =)

So where do I start? I guess a good place to start would be with the blog I was reading, so here it is, go check it out it might get you thinking too!
It’s called thoughtsunqualified and the post was about acceptance, mine isn’t quite the same but it’s around the same sort of topic =)

My family….. My family are amazing, don’t get me wrong sometimes they are annoying as hell but I wouldn’t change them for the world, my dad is hilarious and my mom, well sometimes we clash, especially when I was younger, were both very hot headed but not so much these days, I’ve learned to just sit back and ignore, learnt which battles should be fought and which I should let go, but all the same she is an amazing woman, I can talk to her about anything and she will help, she has always been there for me, as has my dad and they both have my best interests at heart, even if sometimes I can’t see it, I know they are usually right. My sister is awesome too, we used to fight a lot when were younger, but now we talk and hang out, get drunk together and have fun, I can tell my sister things I can’t tell anyone else, and she will always be there for me, as I will for her =)

My friends….. I have the best social group, like that’s not even an exaggeration, when I was going through my break up they were all there for me, even when I was constantly mopey and did nothing but moan or get depressed, they never told me to shut up and they were always giving me advice =) I also love how we rally around each other on deadline days, we keep each other motivated and I know if I run into a problem I can turn to them for help, I’m pretty sure I would have failed a lot of uni work by now if it wasn’t for them, life without them would be very boring, they make me happy and I couldn’t be without them =) it’s funny really, I came to uni with no intentions of making friends, I was here to get my degree and that was it, now here I am 3 years later talking about how amazing they all are! How times and attitudes change =)

My boyfriend….. Well what can I say, he is amazing, he makes me incredibly happy =) I can talk to him about literally anything and I know he won’t laugh at me or judge me, I know I can rely on him for anything, he’s kind, caring and funny and such a gentleman to me =) he’s amazing at cooking, like, he makes the best cumin chicken ever!! He’s there when I need someone to vent to or just to talk in general, I can share secrets with him that I’ve never told anyone and I know he will never break my trust =) we have a laugh together and we have a lot of fun together! I’m a lucky girl to have him in my life =) he’s also pretty damn sexy, in my opinion =P

My extended family….. Well these guys are the best, they make me laugh, our family get togethers are always a ton of fun and my one aunt on my moms side has kept me going many many a time and I am incredibly grateful for her help and just generally for all of them =)

Freedom….. I love my freedom, I love living away from home, not having to answer to anyone, being able to come and go as I please without having someone ring me up to see where I am, I enjoy my 2am walks to ASDA alone with my headphones blaring, I don’t do it often, usually when I find a situation overwhelming, it gives me space, space to think and get things in order before I confront said situation. I enjoy the freedom of being able to get stupidly drunk, knowing that I’m going home to my own house where I can spend the whole of the next day in bed feeling sorry for myself and I especially love the spontaneity that living away from home gives me, I can just invite people over whenever I want, or they can just drop in when they feel like it, cause it’s my house and I don’t need to ask permission!

So yeah, right now my life is pretty awesome I’m enjoying every minute of it, taking each day as it comes and hoping that it just keeps on getting better! I wouldn’t change it for the world!

And hey it’s Friday! That’s something else to be thankful for right cause tomorrow is the weekend!

Hope you guys are all having an awesome day =D


The Six Stages Of Internet Distress….

So last night my internet went down, it still was down as I wrote this post fortunately the situation had resolved itself by the time I got home tonight, anyway last night inspired me to write about how much we actually depend on the internet, I probably speak mostly for myself here but hey at least I can admit it, I’m an internet addict!

Here is my own little guide to internet deprivation induced insanity:

Stage 1: Inconvenience
Ok so this is a very mild stage, your net goes down, it’s a little inconvenient but you are a strong person, you are sure you can cope with this, you’ve been thinking about taking some time away from your PC to read that ever dusty collection of books you have or maybe go for a walk, nows a good a time as any, plus when you’re done the net will probably be back up anyway!

This stage starts out very positive, in fact you may even be happy about it, you will probably venture outside your room/house, see some real humans and probably start reading that collection of books!

Stage 2: Annoyance
This is when it starts to become a little inconvenient, you are still positive though, who needs the internet to have fun! You have real friends right?……right? Just give them a call see if they wanna hang out, oh wait they’re all at work, ok then, let’s find something fun to do, play a game, do some drawing, I don’t know really, what do people not of the internet do for fun these days?

You’re now starting to feel a little anxious, but surely it’ll be back up soon, I mean it’s been 5 minutes already how much longer can it go on really?

Stage 3: Anxiety
Ok so that positivity is starting to fade and the negativity is seeping in at this stage, you have now decided to try restarting your PC, surely that will work, I don’t know, usually Google will have the answer, but, oh wait you can’t google it cause you have no internet, you’re starting to realise just how much you really rely on the internet for your daily life, it’s not the same with out it and now you’re starting to get worried it won’t come back on!

Stage 4: Loneliness
So the negativity has completely set in now, as you watch the last few hopes of the internet ever returning you start to feel alone and cut off from the rest of society, I mean how will you know what your friends are doing? Surely this madness will end soon, restarting your computer didn’t work so now you’ve resorted to restarting the router, if this doesn’t work then all hope is lost! Your social life is all but gone and you realise that you are probably the only person whose life revolves around the internet, although deep down you know this can’t be true, there must be other survivors of the dreaded internet downtime battle out there, you just have to make it through and you will emerge a changed person!

It’s now been 20 minutes without the internet, you’re frantic and are trying to think of every possible reason and fix, heck you have even called your service provider, to no avail all they could recommend was restarting the router! I mean they obviously don’t understand your suffering, do they not think you have tried this already?

Stage 5: Despair
All hope is lost, the internet is gone never to return, you are now sat in a corner rocking back and forth wondering what your life has become, how can one person rely so much on something so simple?! As far as you’re concerned the battle has been lost, there is no point in trying anymore you may as well accept defeat, you wave your little white flag and vow never to get so attached to anything again.

45 minutes of this torture, how do those survivors make it through, they must be strong, a lot stronger than you at least! You have now shut your PC and turned your back, never to return, you wish to live a normal life and a life with the internet simply doesn’t offer that!

Stage 6: Relief
This stage usually occurs an hour or two after the incident, you’re feeling a bit better now, your wounds are healing and curiosity gets the better of you, you’ve opened your PC and see the little wifi light flickering!!!!! Never have you been so happy to see that little red light, it’s like magic, the internet has returned, you vow to spread the word, warn people of the suffering that the internet can cause, but in reality you head straight for Facebook and forget it ever happened, doomed to return to the same suffering once again at the hands of internet dependency!

Hope you enjoyed that guys, thought it would be fun to talk about the emotional stages that I go through when my internet goes down, it wasn’t so bad last night, I think I have finally got control of the suffering, it used to be real bad when I had crap internet, now my net rarely ever goes down, so when it does it’s not so bad!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

See you tomorrow.