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The Mummy Diaries: Baby Clothes Haul!πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸΌ

So the other day I decided to go through all of the clothes that baby boy has, I wanted to take stock of them so I photographed them all and figured why not write a baby haul post about them!

He has quite a lot of things already but I imagine he will have even more after the baby shower, I will do another haul then to show off all the new stuff!

Anyway here are all of his clothes so far!

So yeah as you can see he has quite a few things already! This little dude is going to be spoiled!

He has some lovely hand knitted cardigans made by Arran’s Grandma, quite a few pairs of shoes, including some Uggs which i am super jealous of! I don’t even own a pair of Uggs!! and some cool bits that my family brought home from Vegas, all in all he is doing well so far and he is definitely going to be a trendy kid!