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Moving Home… 4 Weeks In.

So a month ago on the 8th I moved back home to my parents house, along with Arran, in preparation for when baby comes (Still no sign of him! he’s now 4 days late!!!)
The last 4 weeks seem to have flown by, maybe because we have been keeping ourselves busy or maybe just cause of our imminent arrival, I’m not really sure, either way I can’t believe it has been a month already!

Living back at home hasn’t been too bad and I feel like Arran has adjusted to it pretty well also, I was worried that it would be awful, losing that freedom of having your own house and doing whatever we want whenever we want, but it has felt more or less the same, granted we don’t have as much space to ourselves here and have to live in a way that is considerate towards my parents but on the whole things have been a lot easier than I thought they were going to be.

The main reason for the move was so that once baby is here we would have the support of all my family, seeing as all of my family live within close proximity of each other it makes being able to drop on someone for help a lot easier than had we still been living in Burton, where we had no family or friends, I also didn’t want to be alone with a newborn once Arran went back to work.

We will also save quite a bit of money by moving back into my parents house which means we can hopefully save up for a nicer house in a nicer area, I will hopefully be able to go back to work even if its only part time a lot sooner than if we had been on our own which means we will have even more money saved up and of course another big thing is we will be able to have time to ourselves without having to always be mom and dad cause there will usually be someone on hand to help look after baby, which will be nice cause there are quite a few movies coming out in the next few weeks that I would love to go see!

So yeah, on a whole moving back home hasn’t been too bad, a lot easier than I thought it would be, but it is definitely not a permanent solution and once baby is here and we’ve had a month or two to adjust we will probably start re-assessing our options and maybe look at getting our own place somewhere close by, that way we have the best of both worlds, our own house and family support close by!

Fingers crossed!


The Mummy Diaries: Baby Shower!

So it’ll have been 3 weeks tomorrow since my baby shower 😱 I definitely planned on writing this post a lot sooner than now but I have been super busy with baby stuff!

Anyway, my baby shower! It was a great day, if not a little overwhelming but I still had a ton of fun and am very thankful to all of my family and friends who came to celebrate with me! Baby boy got lots of lovely pressies, more clothes than he will ever need and I even got a couple of presents too! Which I wasn’t expecting πŸ˜›

My baby shower was at my parents house as it is a lot bigger than my flat, my mom organised it and my sister and Arran’s mom bought the decorations. It was such a good day, my mom organised some quizzes and a few other games like pin the dummy on the baby and we had a guess how many jelly babies are in the jar too, definitely one of the most fun days I’ve had in a long time! However, I’m not one for being the centre of attention so it was rather overwhelming for me too, having everyone watching me opening presents and just having everyone there to celebrate me and the baby was crazy, I definitely slept well that night cause I was just physically and mentally exhausted!! Still a ton of fun and for anyone who’s thinking of having one I would definitely recommend it, its a great way to get all of your family together!

We had about 25 guests but I didn’t take many pics during the day cause I was just so busy and distracted but here are a few 😊

And some pics of the lovely gifts we received!

So yeah overall it was an awesome day! and now I only have just over 5 weeks to go til my due date!!!

Excited and scared!

Global Games Jam Day 3: Tools Down!

That’s it guys, we are done! Games Jam 2016 is over for another year! We did good, very good! 

I’m proud of our game it looks awesome and is fun, sadly we are missing a level as we ran out of time and couldn’t get it working, fortunately though we have two fully working levels and an awesome gameplay video πŸ˜ƒ

Here it is!

Nick and Tim were on Tech, I did Gameplay and Art, Pinky did Audio, Video and Art, Mariah did Art and UI and Luke did Audio and put together our Game Jam game page, he also helped out with the gameplay elements! 

It’s been a great weekend but my god am I ready for some sleep!

Now it’s time to tidy up, visit Gillys team and get ready for the presentation in half an hour! 

So on that note, I shall say goodbye for the day, see you all in the next post!


Global Games Jam Day 2: Origami Dragons & Sneak Peeks!!

Today has been a long and tiring day, we have however got a lot done, we now only have one level left to implement which hopefully will be done either late tonight or tomorrow morning nice and early!

I do have a sneak peek of our game for you guys though!

This is part of the first level of our game, Cooking With Cthulhu!

Let me know what you guys think! πŸ˜ƒ

Also I mentioned the other day that I would be making an origami mascot… Well it’s taken me two days and about five attempts but here he is…. Mushu the origami dragon!


Mushu ❀️


Games Jam is a great but very tiring experience, if you’ve ever done it you will know that sleep deprivation kicks in pretty quick and when it comes to 5pm on the Sunday everyone is more than ready to go home, but like I said it is a ton of fun and definitely something to experience at least once!

Tomorrow is the last day and it’s tools down at 3pm so it’s going to be a very early start tomorrow, but, I cannot wait to see our game when it’s finished πŸ˜„

For now though it is goodnight and I shall see you all tomorrow!


Global Games Jam Day 1: Theme Revealed!

So I’m actually posting this on day 2 cause yesterday we weren’t allowed to talk about the theme on any kind of social media, purely because Hawaii are the last ones to start and so it would be unfair to ruin the surprise for them!

So then, the theme… It’s a very interesting one this year, better than the last one I think, quite a lot of cool ideas floating around this year! 

However, Hawaii are now well into their Jam, so the theme for 2016 is….. *drum roll* ….. RITUAL!

Interesting yes? πŸ˜„

We are going with a demon summoning ritual, think the game cooking mama but with Cthulu as the chef and human body parts as the ingredients! Gruesome I know, but it is funny! 

I’m currently working on a cauldron, I can’t draw with a mouse it’s incredibly hard but I’m slowly getting better, and it’s starting to come together, I’m pretty pleased with it as its really the first proper piece of pixel art I’ve ever done! 

Anyway, I shall return to work now and I’ll post an update later!

GGJ 2016 Is Coming!


Games Jam 2016 is literally just around the corner! This is the last one at Stafford campus and probably my last one ever 😞 I am however super excited, it starts on my birthday (Next Friday the 29th) and ends on the Sunday, we have had a bit of a team switch up this year and I’m only working with two of the guys I worked with last year, our team name is Dungeons & Dragons: Tokyo Drift and our team consists of:

– Nick
– Pinky
– Mariah
– Tim
– Seymour
– Me

I will be blogging all weekend like I did last year so make sure you keep an eye out, they will be sneak peeks of our game and plenty of pics throughout the weekend πŸ˜„

Quentin! ❀ GGJ 2015

Do you remember Quentin the origami duck from last year? Well he will be making a guest appearance along with a new origami mascot for this year!

So yeah I am super hyped for Games Jam this year, it’s going to be a great weekend!

If you don’t know what Global Games Jam is, here is a short description for you πŸ™‚

lobal Games Jam!

This is an annual event that happens all over the world, teams of aspiring games designers and none games designers get together to spend a weekend designing and creating a game, we are given a theme to follow but it’s pretty loose and then we are let loose for the weekend to literally make any kind of game our imaginations can come up with. There are tons of different sites that the event is held at but my local one, the one I went to last year is at Staffordshire University.

Here’s a link to the website, go check it out if you’re interested!

Anyway I
shall leave it at that for now, and ill see you all in the next post!


Crash & Burn…

So in about 3 weeks I start my final year of Uni…

Terrified doesn’t even come close, im sitting here stressing out, doubting my ability to make it through, at this point all I want to do is graduate, I don’t care if it’s with a 3rd or a 2:2 or whatever, I just want to get there, that will be a big enough achievement for me… I feel like im just going to crash and burn this year, to be honest im surprised I’ve made it this far, I definitely couldn’t have done it without the support that my friends and especially my boyfriend have given me, I probably wouldn’t have even made it this far to be honest, cause there have been times when I just wanted to quit, sometimes it gets very overwhelming, especially when you lack the confidence in your ability as much as I do, you step back and look at everything that needs to be done and just can’t see how it can possibly be done in time… I can only imagine this year is going to be even harder…

Then once all that is done I have to decide what I want to do with my life… I currently have no idea, I don’t even know if games design is what I want to do anymore, I feel so lost right now, I wish I could believe in myself but, I can’t so, I guess we will come back to this post in June when I finish, if I finish…

Wish me luck!

Busy Day!

Sup Guys!

How’s it going today?

I’m having a pretty good day, finally managed to tidy my room….. more or less, done all of my washing and have started my packing ready to go see Nick tomorrow πŸ˜€ its been busy though, every time I tried to do something I would get called down by my mom, I literally couldn’t get anything done! but she has gone out for a bit now so I’m gonna do as much as I can while she’s out πŸ˜›

I’ve been up since like 9am mainly cause I was trying to get a doctor’s appointment, and also cause my hayfever is so bad at the minute that it stops me sleeping in late :\ anyway, it took me about half an hour to get through to them…. half an hour! but I got an appointment and have to leave in about 20 minutes, the thing I hate most about my doctors is that you can’t book an appointment for a specific day, you have to phone up super early the day you want it and try to get in then….. pretty stupid really, but ah well πŸ˜›

When I get back from the doctors in a bit I still have tons to do! gotta finish packing, shower, dry my washing, probably hoover my room and then watch some more of E3!

You guys been watching E3? I’m totally sold on Fallout 4 now, it looks so awesome, can’t wait for it to come out πŸ˜€ need to get myself a PS4 though πŸ˜›

Anything in particular you guys are excited for?

I’ll probably do a full post at the weekend about E3 when I’ve seen it all πŸ˜€

Anyway, im gonna go finish sorting everything out! Hope you all have a good day and I shall see you tomorrow!


Broke My Streak!

Sup Guys!

Ah it was going so well!

I broke my blogging streak I was 2 days away from 30 days dammit! and all cause I went to see Jurassic World and didn’t get home til super late, was way too tired to blog when I got home, should have done it in the morning before I went out!

Anyway, hows it been these last two days?

I’ve been pretty busy, yesterday I was out most of the day with my parents, nothing much interesting happened, we just went and did a bit of shopping, then went to the local garden centre…. again! I swear I’ve been there almost every day this past week πŸ˜›

Friday I went with my mom to fetch my sister from Birmingham, think I mentioned it in Thursdays blog? she was coming home til today to go to Download Festival to see Muse. Well we spent the whole day out more or less, then me, my sister, my cousin and their friend all went to the cinema to see Jurassic World…. my god it is amazing, don’t worry no spoilers, not today at least, it will get its own post in a couple of days though πŸ˜€

Today has been a pretty chilled day, my aunt came round for a bit and we all watched the first Jurassic Park film cause it was on TV, had a nice dinner and then dropped my sister back in Birmingham so she could get her coach back up to Chester πŸ™‚ pretty relaxed day!

So yeah, that’s been my weekend! Hop you guys all had an awesome weekend too πŸ˜€

This week is gonna be an awesome week too πŸ˜€ I’m off to my friend Nick’s house for a few days on Tuesday, will be a good time, I’m really looking forward to it πŸ˜€ I won’t be back til Friday, but I’m sure I’ll tell you all about how it went when I get back πŸ˜€

Just gotta buy my train tickets now! That’s on tomorrows to do list, as well as a trip to the doctors, packing, painting my nails, showering, blogging, and probably so many other things…. tomorrow is gonna be an exciting and busy day!

Can’t wait for Tuesday, excited and nervous all in one go!

Anyway, ima go chill and listen to some Eminem πŸ˜€ Hope you all have a great night and I shall see you all tomorrow!


P.s. That pic blog I promised on Thursday, it’s coming, just the weathers been crap so haven’t really had chance to take any good pics πŸ˜€

New Chapter…

Sup Guys!

Today has been a pretty nothing day, haven’t done much, went into town this afternoon to pay my rent for my student house in Stafford, had a mooch round the shops and came home!

I also went to the garden center with my mom today, I didn’t particularly want to, but she was nagging me so I thought its easier to just say yes than have her moan at me πŸ˜› it was an alright trip I guess, I just get frustrated easily when something that should take ten minutes takes an hour πŸ˜› but I should be used to that with my mom by now!

It’s been an interesting last few weeks, so much has happened πŸ˜› including an amazing weekend with Nick, he is my best friend, he makes me laugh, he’s always there for me and I love hanging out with him πŸ™‚ we’ve had a very heartfelt conversation tonight, after we stepped things up a notch at the weekend πŸ˜‰ and I cannot stop smiling! he makes me feel amazing! πŸ˜€

Anyway, my sister is coming home tomorrow! she’s off to Download for the day on Saturday and we might be going to see the new Jurassic Park movie on Friday! should be a fun weekend, but, there is no way it will live up to last weekend πŸ˜›

You guys got any plans for the weekend?

I’m so ready to embrace this new chapter of my life! it’s going to be amazing πŸ˜€

See you all tomorrow!