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Moving Home… 4 Weeks In.

So a month ago on the 8th I moved back home to my parents house, along with Arran, in preparation for when baby comes (Still no sign of him! he’s now 4 days late!!!)
The last 4 weeks seem to have flown by, maybe because we have been keeping ourselves busy or maybe just cause of our imminent arrival, I’m not really sure, either way I can’t believe it has been a month already!

Living back at home hasn’t been too bad and I feel like Arran has adjusted to it pretty well also, I was worried that it would be awful, losing that freedom of having your own house and doing whatever we want whenever we want, but it has felt more or less the same, granted we don’t have as much space to ourselves here and have to live in a way that is considerate towards my parents but on the whole things have been a lot easier than I thought they were going to be.

The main reason for the move was so that once baby is here we would have the support of all my family, seeing as all of my family live within close proximity of each other it makes being able to drop on someone for help a lot easier than had we still been living in Burton, where we had no family or friends, I also didn’t want to be alone with a newborn once Arran went back to work.

We will also save quite a bit of money by moving back into my parents house which means we can hopefully save up for a nicer house in a nicer area, I will hopefully be able to go back to work even if its only part time a lot sooner than if we had been on our own which means we will have even more money saved up and of course another big thing is we will be able to have time to ourselves without having to always be mom and dad cause there will usually be someone on hand to help look after baby, which will be nice cause there are quite a few movies coming out in the next few weeks that I would love to go see!

So yeah, on a whole moving back home hasn’t been too bad, a lot easier than I thought it would be, but it is definitely not a permanent solution and once baby is here and we’ve had a month or two to adjust we will probably start re-assessing our options and maybe look at getting our own place somewhere close by, that way we have the best of both worlds, our own house and family support close by!

Fingers crossed!


Life Is Gooood!

So last night I was lay in bed on my iPad reading other people’s blogs and I found one that got me thinking, thinking about how thankful I am for everything and everyone I have in my life at the minute =)

So where do I start? I guess a good place to start would be with the blog I was reading, so here it is, go check it out it might get you thinking too!
It’s called thoughtsunqualified and the post was about acceptance, mine isn’t quite the same but it’s around the same sort of topic =)

My family….. My family are amazing, don’t get me wrong sometimes they are annoying as hell but I wouldn’t change them for the world, my dad is hilarious and my mom, well sometimes we clash, especially when I was younger, were both very hot headed but not so much these days, I’ve learned to just sit back and ignore, learnt which battles should be fought and which I should let go, but all the same she is an amazing woman, I can talk to her about anything and she will help, she has always been there for me, as has my dad and they both have my best interests at heart, even if sometimes I can’t see it, I know they are usually right. My sister is awesome too, we used to fight a lot when were younger, but now we talk and hang out, get drunk together and have fun, I can tell my sister things I can’t tell anyone else, and she will always be there for me, as I will for her =)

My friends….. I have the best social group, like that’s not even an exaggeration, when I was going through my break up they were all there for me, even when I was constantly mopey and did nothing but moan or get depressed, they never told me to shut up and they were always giving me advice =) I also love how we rally around each other on deadline days, we keep each other motivated and I know if I run into a problem I can turn to them for help, I’m pretty sure I would have failed a lot of uni work by now if it wasn’t for them, life without them would be very boring, they make me happy and I couldn’t be without them =) it’s funny really, I came to uni with no intentions of making friends, I was here to get my degree and that was it, now here I am 3 years later talking about how amazing they all are! How times and attitudes change =)

My boyfriend….. Well what can I say, he is amazing, he makes me incredibly happy =) I can talk to him about literally anything and I know he won’t laugh at me or judge me, I know I can rely on him for anything, he’s kind, caring and funny and such a gentleman to me =) he’s amazing at cooking, like, he makes the best cumin chicken ever!! He’s there when I need someone to vent to or just to talk in general, I can share secrets with him that I’ve never told anyone and I know he will never break my trust =) we have a laugh together and we have a lot of fun together! I’m a lucky girl to have him in my life =) he’s also pretty damn sexy, in my opinion =P

My extended family….. Well these guys are the best, they make me laugh, our family get togethers are always a ton of fun and my one aunt on my moms side has kept me going many many a time and I am incredibly grateful for her help and just generally for all of them =)

Freedom….. I love my freedom, I love living away from home, not having to answer to anyone, being able to come and go as I please without having someone ring me up to see where I am, I enjoy my 2am walks to ASDA alone with my headphones blaring, I don’t do it often, usually when I find a situation overwhelming, it gives me space, space to think and get things in order before I confront said situation. I enjoy the freedom of being able to get stupidly drunk, knowing that I’m going home to my own house where I can spend the whole of the next day in bed feeling sorry for myself and I especially love the spontaneity that living away from home gives me, I can just invite people over whenever I want, or they can just drop in when they feel like it, cause it’s my house and I don’t need to ask permission!

So yeah, right now my life is pretty awesome I’m enjoying every minute of it, taking each day as it comes and hoping that it just keeps on getting better! I wouldn’t change it for the world!

And hey it’s Friday! That’s something else to be thankful for right cause tomorrow is the weekend!

Hope you guys are all having an awesome day =D


Moving Out!!

Sup Guys!

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend =D

I have been very busy of late, packing and unpacking, decorating and cleaning…… you know why?! because I have finally moved out!! I am now in Stafford in my student house and have been for just over a week =D I love it, it’s a lot of fun and tomorrow all the rest of my friends are moving back up so it’s about to get even more fun!
Everyone is coming round mine for beer, monopoly and cake tomorrow after they are all moved in =D will be awesome to see everyone again as the last meet up we had was about a month ago!

This is a completely different experience for me compared to what it was like in halls, in halls i got extremely homesick and missed freshers week cause I was so miserable, here in this house I haven’t felt homesick once, in fact I went home the other day for a driving lesson and found myself wanting to be back in Stafford already =P

I’m loving the freedom, i’ve spent most of the last week sitting around in my pjs cause I don’t have anywhere to go =P something I would never do at home cause i would feel lazy =P i’m also loving being able to cook real food, rather than having to eat whatever it is that my parents are eating, it feels nice, the first thing I did though when I moved in was a massive clean of the downstairs and my bedroom, the kitchen was pretty dirty… by my standards anyway =P so i had to clean it, it is now all nice and sparkly clean… probably cause i’ve just finished it =P

We are having a bit of a house party on Monday, i’ve never thrown a party before so I don’t really know what i’m doing but hey how hard can it be, we aren’t having a ton of people over just our close friends so there will probably be about 10/11 of us at best, but it will be fun =D I am looking forward to it a lot!

Uni starts properly on the 22nd and Welcome Week starts tomorrow, I can’t wait to get back into it, I need the routine and some work to occupy me!! Our holidays are way too long but ah well we make it through! It just makes you really eager to go back the closer it gets!

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I may do a seperate post in the next couple of days to share some pics of my new house with you all =D

See you in the next one!



Catch Up =)

Sup Guys!

I’m not good at this am I =P I always take a bit of time off to do stuff then forget to come back! Well im back and I have quite a bit to tell you all, ill try not to make it too boring =P

So I guess I’ll pick up where I left off!

Last time I posted I was having a filmathon and it was the week before I was going to my friend’s house, well its now been 2 weeks since I got back =) the week at my mates house was awesome, we had a lot of fun, drank a lot of alcohol and played a lot of D&D! I had a lot of fun cause I could just be me, I could forget everything that was going on and just have fun, well I thought that anyway, about 3 days in I kind of broke down to my friend, it wasn’t pretty but he was understanding and made me feel better =)

While I was at my mates house we all went to see Guardians Of The Galaxy…. oh man this film has got to be one of the most awesome films I have seen this year! Well done Marvel! If you haven’t seen it yet I would highly recommend going to see it, its hilarious and awesome and just generally a film that everybody should see!

If you’ve seen the film who was your favourite character? I think mine was either Rocket or Groot, Groot is so cute and Rocket is just plain awesome!

We also went bowling =D me and one of my friends, (who im sure I will tell you more about in the coming weeks) have an ongoing competition at bowling, we always seem to play just 2 games of bowling though whenever we go and the competition is always even…. we need to play 3 games one time to get rid of our tie, the way it goes is I always thrash him at the first game then by the second game I’m tired and that’s when he beats me =P its fun but god damn I just wanna beat him at something for once =P

So I guess that leads me onto these past two weeks since coming home from my mates…….

They have been pretty up and down emotionally, me and Nick broke up on the Tuesday after I got home, it was a mutual decision at the end of the day and it was probably best for us both =) its been hard and very lonely but I’m getting through it, we are still talking but for now I am happy and that’s the way I want to keep it =)

I move to uni in 8 days, I’m getting the keys to my new house on the 1st and then I will be moving in on the 5th, im pretty excited for it and for actually having a social life again! I’m done with summer now, im ready for uni to start again, the break is way to long and after a few weeks you run out of things to do and it just gets very boring, I need some sort of structure back in my life!!
I’ve spent the past few months buying stuff that I want/need for the house but now I’m 8 days from moving in I havent packed a thing and have no idea where to even start! So much packing to do…. ive been procrastinating playing games =P mostly The Last Of Us……. my god that game is amazing, I started it last friday and I’m 70% of the way through, I love it, the story is great, the graphics are awesome and it is just really fun in general =D definitely gonna have to get the remastered version I think for the PS4 when I get one!!

Now I’m sitting here writing this waiting to finally go and meet my baby cousin Florence! So excited to meet her at last cause I’ve so far only seen photos and videos of her on Facebook due to my cousin living down in Cornwall so we don’t see them very often =P

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this catch up! and I shall see you all in my next post =D


The Morning After The Night Before….

Sup Guys!

Hope you’re all having a good weekend!

So last night I went on a night out in Stafford with my friends from uni, we had quite a bit to drink and some of us got rather drunk, so much so we were pretty much holding each other up lol so as can be expected I’m not feeling so hot today =P

I stayed over at one of my friends houses, he kindly gave up his bed for me but I still didn’t get a very good nights sleep, I woke up at about half 8 and I still felt pretty drunk, I’m now lieing in bed trying to make myself feel better while Nick is playing Skyrim on my new PC =P

The only problem with drinking I find is that you then want to go back out the next day and do it all over again…. Maybe it’s just me but damn I wanna go hang out with my friends and get drunk again, it was a lot of fun =D Hopefully we are gunna arrange another night out between now and September but if not then September is only 3 months away, I’m looking forward to moving so much!

Nick isn’t keen on hearing me go on about how much I’m looking forward to moving, but it’s not that I’m looking forward to leaving him behind, it’s the freedom, the social life and just having my own space that I’m excited for!
It’s funny really, I went to uni with the intentions of just keeping myself to myself and not making any friends, I never thought I would wanna move up to Stafford, now look at me, I have awesome friends up there who I love and I’m super excited to move there in 3 months! Pretty good turnaround really!

Anywho, I’m gunna go get some sleep now and hopefully wake up not hungover tomorrow =P

I shall see you all tomorrow as usual!

24 And Still At Home……

Sup Guys!

Today has been a pretty slow day, this will more than likely be a short post cause nothing much has happened =P

I had a nice lie in today, my driving lesson, which was my seventh one was at half 2, today I got to experience driving at 60mph, it was pretty scary, my driving instructor though is awesome he makes you feel really comfortable and keeps reassuring me that I’m doing good =P at first I thought driving at 30mph was scary but now I’m used to that and comfortable with it so I guess ill get used to driving at 60 eventually, so long as we do it more =P

Its been pretty miserable here as well today, its been cloudy and rainy all day, which never makes you feel like doing anything.
Yesterday was fun, I went back to Stafford for a few hours to meet up with my friends from uni, we had some dinner and a few drinks and it was nice to hang out and have something to do, we are doing it all again tomorrow except I’m probably going to stay over so we can stay out later =P and probably get quite drunk, ill more than likely do my post before I got out, don’t wanna do no drunk blogging, as fun as that would be to read back the next day I can imagine it would only be a bunch of garbled junk lol so I guess no more than usual πŸ˜›

Going off on a bit of a tangent now but I kinda need to rant a little……..

S I’m 24 and still stuck living at home with my parents, I know really I should be grateful but sometimes its hard, sometimes everything just gets on top of me and I just wish there was somewhere I could go to get away from it all, don’t get me wrong, I love my parents and I’m very grateful that they let me live at home for free, I know most people’s parents make them pay their way, but, there is just something that I find incredibly frustrating about it all, I don’t really have my own space cause my mom just walks in without knocking whenever it takes her fancy, I have to live by my parents rules, I have to eat the boring food that they buy and the more time I spend here the worse I feel, little things wind me up purely because I’m frustrated about it all, for example two things today, my mom asked me if I was going out tomorrow, I said yes, then she got a bit arsey with me because she wanted me to go fetch something for her cause she was going to be out as well, the other thing was she took me to ASDA tonight I wanted to get a few things, one of them being some white nail polish (which looks awesome by the way) but I had a particular one in mind that I wanted, anyway while I was looking she was picking others up and showing them to me and saying why not get this one etc. this sort of thing annoys me at the best of times but when I’m already feeling frustrated by other things it only makes it worse, anyway I finally picked one I wanted and it was about Β£3, my mom then started picking up cheaper options claiming she had used them and that they were better, which I know wasn’t true, when I kept saying no to them she eventually said fine suit yourself……. well yes that is exactly what I was planning on doing!! I wasn’t buying the nail polish for your pleasure! Damn that drives me crazy when she says that to me cause it’s usually when she’s desperately trying to control some aspect of my life that I don’t want her to, maybe its just me, maybe I’m being too touchy but I dunno….. I know one thing though, damn am I looking forward to moving to Stafford in September! I cannot wait to get away from it all!!

…………………… Rant over =P

I hope you guys have all had a good day though and the weather hasn’t been too rubbish for you! I’m looking forward to hanging out with my friends again tomorrow, it should be fun =D hopefully I wont make a fool of myself or throw up, I like to think i’m somewhat a controlled drunk lol

Ooh yesterday when I went up to the bar I got ID’d, which I know isn’t an achievement in itself but when you’re hanging out with a bunch of 20 year olds and they aren’t getting ID’d it’s pretty funny, I also got told by a rather friendly old guy that I look about 15, when I told him how old I actually was he was shocked =P I guess it must be a good thing to look young, hopefully I’ll still be getting ID’d when I’m 30, that would be both awesome and probably annoying….i’ll let you know =P


Also you may have noticed that I changed my theme, this one feels a bit more grown up, what do you guys think of it? Is this one better or do you prefer my old one?


I’m gonnaΒ go get an earlyish night now guys, I shall see you all tomorrow!



goldfish jumping out of the waterToday is my last day of freedom, my Christmas break is almost over =(

I have been off since about the 16/17th of December, long break I know but these last few weeks have gone so slow, for the most part I had no money so I feel like I spent the first 13 days of January just sitting around waiting for my student finance loans to go in, it is now the 19th and my last day of being free to do whatever I want, I’m back at uni bright and early tomorrow, nice 9am start YAY! (Not), I commute from my home which is about 30 miles from my university, so I have to get up at about 6am to get in at 9am, Mondays are very long days for me but I don’t mind so much because in between lectures we get a 3 hour break, so I hang out with my friends, get some dinner and play on the PS4 that the uni owns.
Other than Monday I’m in on a Tuesday and a Friday, these two days aren’t too bad, I’m only in from 3pm til 5pm both those days.

So this has been my last week off, this one feels like it has flown by, I spent most of it with my boyfriend, we went into Stafford on Monday so that he could hand in his dissertation, that was a very stressful day, mostly for him, cause it was one of them days if something could go wrong it would, the printer got jammed whilst he was trying to print his work off and then we had a disaster binding it, but he got it finished and handed in now he only has one meeting left on the 23rd and he is done with uni forever!

Tuesday was shopping day! My boyfriend and myself went to spend the day in Birmingham, I bought some new clothes and we went for some dinner at Ed’s Easy Diner, if you live in or near Birmingham I strongly advise going there, the food is amazing, however if you do go, go in the week, Saturday and Sunday it is practically impossible to get a table. My boyfriend also had a Β£20 voucher for Ed’s so we got Β£26.80 worth of food for Β£6.80, amazing deal! We then took a trip to Forbidden Planet and Nostalgia Comics as we go to at least one every time we come to Birmingham, we hadn’t been to Nostalgia in a while so that made for a nice change!

Wednesday & Thursday were spent relaxing and playing games, Wednesday night however my friend who has moved to Scotland was back in town so we met up with her and her boyfriend for a spontaneous night out, we had a few drinks and a good catch up then headed home, we walked the 3 miles back to my house, in the rain cause there are very few taxis of a Wednesday night, my boyfriend stayed over at mine and then Thursday day time was spent playing Lego Indiana Jones on my PS3, I’ve had this game for ages and it is very hard to complete on your own, we started out coop session ages ago and finally completed the game Thursday =D

Friday was a busy day, me and the boyfriend went to Asda to buy some booze, we were having a night in at his house with one of our mates, we figured it would be cheaper to just get the alcohol and snacks in ourselves, it also meant we didn’t need to pay for a taxi or walk home and we wouldn’t have to sit and talk in a noisy pub all night, we played some games and watched the Dredd film, didn’t get to bed til 3am but it was a great night, and made a nice change from the usual.

Saturday was another day of relaxing, I spent the day at my boyfriends, we played a few games in the morning and then in the afternoon we were looking after our niece, she’s almost two and is so much fun to play with, she does crazy things that make us laugh and gives out lots of kisses =D we spent the afternoon running around the house with her, playing run people over with her dolls pram and playing super baby, which involved me picking her up and running round with her, which I quickly realised was not such a good idea when I got tired and she just wanted me to do it more, it was fun though =P

And here we are at today, Sunday, my last day of freedom, today was a day well spent, I went to the cinema with my boyfriend and aunt to see The Hobbit, we went to a 12:30 viewing and I have not been back long, I think we got back at about 4pm, the film was close to 3 hours long, it was very good though, the only thing I didn’t like was how it ended, it’s not fair!! to just leave you hanging, if you have seen it you will know what I mean =P I heard mixed reviews about it before I went, but after seeing it I can’t work out where people were getting the bad reviews from, if you have seen it what did you think? I enjoyed it!
It is now 5:40pm and I’m sat here finishing this post and trying to think about what to write for today’s Zero To Hero challenge, I thought it would be interesting to share with you what I did with my last week of “freedom” the grind starts tomorrow, back to uni to finish the year, I have 12 weeks and then I’m done for summer, til September, so I guess it will go pretty fast, it did last year.

I’ve had a lot of fun over my Christmas break, the holiday was super long, it’s probably going to be even longer next year, I’ve spent lots of time with my wonderful family and now it is time to see my friends again!

Hope you enjoyed this super long post =P