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Thunder… :(Β 

So as I sit here writing this it’s half 2 in the morning and for the last hour I’ve been watching two storm fronts come over…. 

The rain has just started pouring down, the Lightning is lighting ups the sky and the thunder is apocalyptically loud…. I must say though that when it comes to thunder storms I am the biggest wuss going, I have a love hate relationship with them, I think they’re awesome cause nature bitches, but, then they also scare the crap out of me cause they are so loud! I also have this fear that my house will get struck by lightning, I know it’s very unlikely but still it’s not an irrational thought…

Right now I’m sat at the end of my bed with my duvet wrapped around my and my teddy in my lap, watching the storm through my window, it’s took about an hour for it to get here, before it was just lots of lightning and the odd rumble of thunder, now though I’ve seen fork lightning and people’s car alarms have started going off, it’s also a monsoon outside…. Pretty convinced that this is the apocalypse… 

There is no way I’m getting back to sleep until this storm has passed over! 

Our storms in the UK are pretty weak compared to the ones you get in America, it’s not often i see proper fork lightning where I live, probably like three times ever in my life, two of which were tonight! But they are still damn scary! Or maybe it’s just me… One good thing about this though is after the last few days of really hot weather at least the air will be clear and hopefully less humid…. Maybe

Anyway, I’m going to go cry in the corner under my duvet now, hope none of you guys are being kept awake by these storms! But, if you are let me know how bad it is by you!

P.s. Looks like we have another one coming in, this is going to be a long night! 

Today is the big day!!

Today is the day, the day that the last 6/7 months has been building up to, it’s going to either be an awesome or a crap day….

1 hour to go til I get picked up and 2 hours 35 minutes til my actual test…. Incase you hadn’t gathered today is the day of my driving test, right now I am so nervous, trying to find ways to distract myself and writing a blog post seemed like a good idea!

I reeeeeally hope I pass, I’ve been trying super hard the last couple of days to perfect everything I know, hopefully I’ve done enough!

I guess we will find out in 2 hours! Wish me luck!! πŸ˜€