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Happy Easter! 🐣

Just a quick post today and its a day late at that! but,


Hope you all had a great Easter yesterday, me and Arran spent time with both our families, it was a great weekend and a nice break from unpacking from our recent house move!

We got quite a bit of chocolate, i reckon it’ll last us probably two/three weeks! also this is our last Easter as just the two of us! how exciting, next year we will hopefully be in Cyprus celebrating with our little dude for his first Easter!

Here is a pic of all the chocolate that we got, I think we did pretty well!

Did you guys get much chocolate? 

The Mummy Diaries: Baby Shower!

So it’ll have been 3 weeks tomorrow since my baby shower 😱 I definitely planned on writing this post a lot sooner than now but I have been super busy with baby stuff!

Anyway, my baby shower! It was a great day, if not a little overwhelming but I still had a ton of fun and am very thankful to all of my family and friends who came to celebrate with me! Baby boy got lots of lovely pressies, more clothes than he will ever need and I even got a couple of presents too! Which I wasn’t expecting πŸ˜›

My baby shower was at my parents house as it is a lot bigger than my flat, my mom organised it and my sister and Arran’s mom bought the decorations. It was such a good day, my mom organised some quizzes and a few other games like pin the dummy on the baby and we had a guess how many jelly babies are in the jar too, definitely one of the most fun days I’ve had in a long time! However, I’m not one for being the centre of attention so it was rather overwhelming for me too, having everyone watching me opening presents and just having everyone there to celebrate me and the baby was crazy, I definitely slept well that night cause I was just physically and mentally exhausted!! Still a ton of fun and for anyone who’s thinking of having one I would definitely recommend it, its a great way to get all of your family together!

We had about 25 guests but I didn’t take many pics during the day cause I was just so busy and distracted but here are a few 😊

And some pics of the lovely gifts we received!

So yeah overall it was an awesome day! and now I only have just over 5 weeks to go til my due date!!!

Excited and scared!

Birthday Celebrations πŸŽ‰Β 

So it was my birthday last Sunday(29th of Jan) YAY… I turned 27 😱 someone seriously needs to invent a way to stop time! I am not ok with getting older πŸ˜› 

Anyway, I was supposed to be going out for a meal with the family for mine and my Dads birthdays but, instead I ended up spending the weekend in hospital 😒 which was crap but it was for the best, I was admitted with severe stomach pains and sickness on Saturday night, I ended up having two steroid injections as a precaution in case I went into premature labour, those injections help the baby’s lungs mature which means he would have a higher chance of surviving should he be born really early, scary stuff, but by Sunday afternoon I was well enough to be discharged and got to at least spend some of my birthday not in the hospital! 😊

We are making up for it though, this Saturday just gone me and Arran went for a nice meal at Ed’s Diner in Brum and then this Saturday we are meeting up with Mariah and Luke to go play some crazy golf! Looking forward to it 😊

Should have posted this last week but got waylaid with appointments and what not, #pregnancyjoys 😁

Merry Christmas! & A Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas guys! It’s been months since I wrote a post, so I thought what better time to pick it back up than in the new year! So starting January 1st I will be posting once a week, even if it is just a post with a picture in it or a small amount of writing, I need to pick it back up cause I love writing, it’s so much fun πŸ˜€

Anyway, right now I’m sat on the train off to Bicester accompanied by a mango tango crush from Boost in Birmingham and six! Millie’s Cookies, cause I am a lovely girlfriend like that πŸ˜€ this journey with a boost just makes me think of summer and all my visits to Arran πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to see him again, it’s only been a few days but God I miss him when we’re not together.

Before we both came home for Christmas we had a little mini Christmas of our own in Stafford, we cooked dinner, had crackers, opened our gifts, it was great and I can’t wait to do it for real next year πŸ˜€

Our dinner! It tasted just as awesome as it looks πŸ˜€ 

Anyway, I hope you all had a great Christmas and I hope the new year is just as awesome! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year guys! 

And I’ll see you all on Jan 1st πŸ˜€

Sarah πŸ˜„

Happy 4th Of July!!

Jut want to wish all my American viewers a Happy Independence Day!

Hope you all had some great 4th of July parties with much drinking and celebrations!

Enjoy your fireworks!

Valentines Day! <3

So tomorrow is Valentines Day! Hope everyone is looking forward to it, even if you’re not in a relationship, it’s a day to show those who you care about that you love them!

Even though people say its something you should do all year round I think its nice to have a special day for it! I mean pancakes get their own day so why can’t love!?

Its date night tomorrow night for me and Gilly, we will probably get a chinese and watch a movie or something =) have a nice chilled night in =D

You guys got any plans for tomorrow?

I also start my driving lessons again tomorrow! WOO! I’m having them in Stafford now as well so I wont have to go home every week for my lesson which will be nice and save me like Β£7 every week!!

I’m excited and a bit nervous about it though cause, new people and all that, but I’m sure it will be totally fine!

Anyway, hope you’ve all had a good week I’m off for a late night Maccies! I shall see you in the next post!


Birthday Celebrations!

Sup guys!

Happy Feb! I’ve been pretty damn busy since the last time I posted, which was the day before my Dads birthday, so Tuesday!

So yeah, it was my Dads birthday on Wednesday, unfortunately I couldn’t be at home for his actual birthday so I went home the day before, mom dyed my hair and then I just hung out with my parents for the night, obviously I rang him Wednesday and wished him happy birthday though =D

My birthday was then on the Thursday, which happened to fall on a day I had to be in uni…… soooo I decided to take the day off and play games and hang out with my friends instead, it was a really good day, much better than it would have been had I gone into uni =P we played Betrayal and some Micro Machines and just generally had a fun time =D



Our game of Betrayal!! =D

Friday was another busy day, we hadΒ Matts D&D session which was a ton of fun, we are playing the Hoard of the Dragon Queen campaign =D then we had another evening of hanging out round at ours, my friend Mariah stayed over Friday cause we went out Saturday =D
My sister came up to Stafford Saturday morning, took her 3 hours to get here on the coach!! I was proper excited for her to get here, but also a bit nervous about whether she would like my friends, especially nervous about whether she would like Matt =P turns out she loved them all so I didn’t need to worry =D

We went out last night, I got pretty damn drunk, I was on the cocktails all night, I love the sex on the beach cocktail, could literally drink it all day long it tastes so good!! I don’t really remember that much about the evening, just small snippets here and there =P but I had fun so it’s all good!

Today I’m relaxing, fortunately I don’t have that much of a hangover considering I was quite drunk last night, some would say hammered….. =P I am however ridiculously tired, I dropped my sister off to get the coach at about half 5ish this evening and since I got back all I’ve wanted to do is sleep!! but I also want to go out and get really drunk again!! CONFLICTING EMOTIONS!!!

So yeah that’s been my week in a nutshell, been pretty busy and now I’m back to working tomorrow! probably should grab an early night tonight, might go to bed in a bit and read a book and relax =D

Hop you guys have all had a great weekend and I shall see you all tomorrow!


2 Days To Go!

So 2 more days left of being 24 :/ those 2 days will be mostly spent in uni and hanging out with my awesome friends!

My sister is coming up at the weekend, I’m kinda nervous about her meeting everyone, especially Matt, I dunno why, I shouldn’t be, she’s awesome and so are they so they should get along perfectly well! We are all going out Saturday night for dinner and drinks, I’ll probably be pretty drunk, I mean it’s my birthday celebrations so why not!

I got my hair cut and eyebrows done today in preparation, just need to paint my nails and I’ll be good to go!

Tonight has turned into a chilled movie night, so far I’ve watched G-Force and now I’m watching Rango! Tuesday’s are usually date nights for me and Matt but we didn’t make plans for tonight, feels a little weird to be spending the night on my own!

Anywho, back to my film! Hope you’re all having a chilled night and I shall see you all tomorrow!


The Morning After The Night Before…

Why do I do this to myself?! I’m 24, too old for this shit! Never drinking again……. are some of the things I’ve been saying this morning =/

So last night I went out with my mate Dan and his friend Tom, it was a great night, I haven’t seen Dan in ages so was good to catch up, I got a little bit drunk last night, well I say a little bit, I think I was actually more drunk than I thought because I woke up at 5am still drunk….. that’s never a good sign is it, I also walked into a door and tripped over the coffee table when I got home, so, yeah I think I was pretty drunk =P
For a friday night town was completely dead last night, but then I guess it is the weekend after New Year so no one has any money left, even half the bars weren’t open!! we wanted to go to Kuda which is a nightclub in Tamworth, it’s usually packed but last night it was shut, pretty disappointed by that, was really in the mood to go there….. ah well!

Still last night was a lot of fun =D and I can’t wait for him to come up to Stafford for my birthday! Should be a fun night with all my mates and my sister as well =D

For now though I think I need a bacon sandwich, squash and a day in my onesie!



Mince Pies Anyone?!

So today has been a pretty average day, other than it being New Years Eve of course!

Spent most of it playing GTA Online, its snowing online!! I always see pictures of it but I never thought I would ever actually get to experience it! it’s so cool =D I still have no plans for later so I will most likely spend tonight playing GTA online and drinking kopparberg in my room and occasionally going downstairs, cause I don’t think we are seeing any of the family tonight, no idea why, it actually feels a little bit weird =P

I’ve also been making mince pies today! who says they are just for Christmas, I love mince pies, especially homemade ones, not so keen on shop bought ones they just taste a bit naff if I’m honest =P but mine and my moms homemade ones taste awesome….. I mean I might be a bit bias but my dad likes them and so do the rest of my family, so that’s gotta mean something right?! =P

Our mince pies! =D

IMG_0403 IMG_0404 IMG_0406

My parents friends are coming over tomorrow for the day, my dad tells me his friend is really into racing games, I’ve never met him before, my dad reckons I should kick his ass at some racing games so I might get a bit of practice in =P can’t let a 55 year old show me up!! Motorstorm for the PS3 is my jam so ima get a few hours in on that then hopefully beat him =D might throw in a bit of Micro Machines too just for good measure =D

Well I hope everyone has a great night and I shall see you all in 2015!


Sarah =)