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The Mummy Diaries: 37 Week Update!!

So we finally made it, 37 weeks! I am officially classed as full term now and baby could come any day! Super excited doesn’t even come close to how I feel right now!

Last week I had my 36 week midwife appointment, everything is looking good, however, he had decided to move up out of my pelvis a bit instead of going further in, which was a little disappointing but ah well such is life right, can’t rush these things, he will come when he is good and ready! My next appointment will be tomorrow at 38 weeks, so fingers crossed for a bit of downward movement!!

According to my app Ovia, baby is the size of a tackle box at 37 weeks, weighs just over 6lbs and is about 19 inches tall! All of his organs are fully formed and he is totally ready to come into this world and meet us, hurry up dude!

I finally finished his bedroom this week and his new moses basket arrived as well, I will do a separate post with some pics of the nursery and his moses basket all set up, we also finished washing all of his clothes… he has so many clothes it is insane! ooh and I also finished packing his hospital bag and made a start on packing my own, though most of the stuff going into my bag is stuff that I am still using so will have to all be put in last minute!

Definitely starting to feel a lot more tired now, sleep hasn’t been easy, I tend to wake up loads of times in the night and then once I wake up it takes about an hour or so to get back to sleep, but it will all be worth it, I am definitely looking forward to being able to sleep somewhat normally again once he is here, the things you don’t appreciate like sleeping on your back instead of your side all the time are the things you miss the most I think, so I am really looking forward to being able to do that again and just generally have my body back!

Ooh, I almost forgot, we had a breastfeeding class on the 13th, it was pretty interesting, though the jury is still out on whether I will breast feed or formula, I think I will give it a try for sure for at least a week but my heart is not set on it being the only way I feed him, if I end up bottle feeding I won’t be disappointed, fed is best after all and as long as he is happy it doesn’t matter.

So yeah, I think that is all I have for this weeks update, I am thinking of doing weekly updates now until he arrives, so I guess my next one will be next Sunday/Monday for 38 weeks!

P.s. we still haven’t picked out a name!!!


Global Games Jam Day 2: Origami Dragons & Sneak Peeks!!

Today has been a long and tiring day, we have however got a lot done, we now only have one level left to implement which hopefully will be done either late tonight or tomorrow morning nice and early!

I do have a sneak peek of our game for you guys though!

This is part of the first level of our game, Cooking With Cthulhu!

Let me know what you guys think! πŸ˜ƒ

Also I mentioned the other day that I would be making an origami mascot… Well it’s taken me two days and about five attempts but here he is…. Mushu the origami dragon!


Mushu ❀️


Games Jam is a great but very tiring experience, if you’ve ever done it you will know that sleep deprivation kicks in pretty quick and when it comes to 5pm on the Sunday everyone is more than ready to go home, but like I said it is a ton of fun and definitely something to experience at least once!

Tomorrow is the last day and it’s tools down at 3pm so it’s going to be a very early start tomorrow, but, I cannot wait to see our game when it’s finished πŸ˜„

For now though it is goodnight and I shall see you all tomorrow!



So this morning I woke up to no internet =(

My housemate who deals with it all has moved out and because he’s off to Japan at the end of the month he decided to cancel our internet before he went, which I guess makes sense but its cancelled from the 16th, which is tomorrow….. the major problem with this is that im still here til the end of the month…… and it would seem they have turned it off a day early which is always great, thanks Virgin!!

However, I thought I’d figured a way around this, I decided to buy 30 days worth of internet from BT, cost me Β£39 to get access to their WiFi hotspots for a month, which is alright i guess.

So I woke up to my internet being turned off early and not having set up or paid for the BT WiFi this morning, I should have listened to Gilly, he told me to sort it out before my internet goes off, totally forgot that to get the WiFi it required me using the internet…. derp, shows how much I take it for granted these days =P

I’m currently using my phone as a personal hotspot, which is going to cost a bomb, I’m doing it like this so 1. I could buy the internet and 2. I could write this post……. so, all seemed to be going well, I got on the internet, paid for the WiFi and then tried to connect…… MY PC WONT CONNECT!!!! 😦 so now I’m back to using my phone as a hotspot which sucks!

Why can’t things ever be easy, I don’t want to go home before the end of this month but its going to suck if I’m here with no internet!!

Ah well I fear it is going to be a highly frustrating day of my internet dropping out a lot…….

In other news today is GradEx at uni, might pop up and have a look around, get me some ideas for my FYP next year πŸ˜€ GradEx is basically an end of year show for everyone in final year to show off their work, people from games companies and the like usually come and have a look around and sometimes if you’re lucky and your work is really good, people get offered jobs on the spot, which is pretty damn awesome! So yeah, might go have a look at that today, think it’s on til 2pm.

Other than that I will probably just play The Sims all day, or maybe I’ll move my TV and PS3 back upstairs and play some Assassins Creed, the trailer for the new one has got me wanting to finish all the ones I currently have, it’s set in London and it looks sooooo awesome!! if you haven’t seen the trailer yet and like AC I suggest you go watch it NOW!! GO!!!

In fact, here it is, see I even did the hard work for you! it looks awesome! πŸ˜€

Also listen to this song today at some point, it will make your day so much more epic! πŸ˜€

The whole album is amazing though, such feel good music πŸ˜€

Anyways, I’m off to either plan my D&D game that I’ve been talked into running or play The Sims all day!

See you guys tomorrow!


Introducing……… Polygon Horse!!

Sup guys, hows it going?

Been a while I know but I’ve been super busy with deadlines and stuff.

Anyway, I have more work to show you!

This is a game that me and my friend Nick made, it was for one of my modules at uni and he helped me with it πŸ˜€

Introducing Polygon Horse, it’s a 2D infinite runner platform game!!

We made it in the Unity engine, the assets were sourced cause sadly I’m not that good at creating pretty art =P and of course the music was sourced as well. You are a pretty looking pink horse spreading colour through the lands, you have to rescue the girls to get points and pick up the flowers to get more life, but as you spread colour you slowly fade this is why you need to pick up the flowers so that you can continue your epic journey to once again bring colour to the world!!

I will probably work on this game over summer and make it better, we have a couple of ideas for improvements so, hopefully I’ll get some of them done then I’ll show you guys an updated version πŸ˜€

Enjoy, let me know what you think guys!

Cabin Fever…

So I’m home this weekend for Easter, its been a lesson =P I’ve learnt that I cant last more than 2 days at home, I love my parents, but there’s just something about being at home, maybe it’s because I have 2 friends to hang out with in Tamworth so most of the time I’m just stuck in the house….. my life is in Stafford now! and that’s how I like it, I have my family in Tamworth and I will come see them but as far as I’m concerned my life is in Stafford and I don’t really wanna come back to Tamworth all that often, no idea how i’m going to make it through summer =P

So yeah, I’m stuck here with serious cabin fever =/ trying to find things to do and to not lose my temper with my parents for no reason =P

I was meant to be going out tonight, but those plans have now fell through, so I guess games and music and an early night it is for me =P

Tonight is the season finale of The Walking Dead!!! I won’t get to watch it til tomorrow night though, but all you lucky Americans out there get it tonight, safe to say I am pretty jealous of you =P Enjoy!!

I haven’t stopped listening to this since the last episode, such a good song and not my usual taste either =P

I’m going ice skating with my mom tomorrow, which will be nice, only going to the crappy rink in Tamworth though but I guess it’ll be better than sitting in the house all day again =P should be fun, I will get to use my new boots as well =D

Anyway, hope you’re all having an awesome weekend!

Laters Peeps =)


Day Of Awesomeness!!

So today has been a pretty damn awesome day, despite having to go into uni =P

Yesterday was date night, it was a lot of fun as per usual =D I’ve been walking round on a pretty big high today since =P yesterday was also my last ever driving lesson with my current instructor =( I’m sad but I completely understand why he’s had to quit and I wish him all the best in his new career, now its time to find me a new instructor, in Stafford which means I will no longer have to go home for my lessons every week!! something I’m very much looking forward to! =D

However, the most awesome thing about today was getting my birthday present off GillyΒ =D and getting my new ice skates in the post! my birthday present was a game called Dominion and it is awesome!! it’s a massive card game where you basically have to gain Dominion over as much land as possible before everyone else! Can’t wait to play it and can’t wait to read all the cards!! and then on Tuesday we are going ice skating! he’s been once before and never since, its taken me ages to convince him and a lot of coaxing but I finally got him to say yes! I get to try out my new skates and have an awesome day out with the best guy in the world =D should be fun!

IMG_0491 IMG_0492

My awesome game and my new skates!!! Today has been an awesome day and I’m finishing it by listening to my two new favourite songs….


They’re both amazing songs and I can’t stop listening to them!!

Anyway I best go, got a ton of work to do for Junior Senior tomorrow =/ if I can get UE4 to actually open the file =/

Hope you’ve all had a great day and I shall see you tomorrow!


Global Games Jam Day 3: TOOLS DOWN!!

So today has been super busy, we had until 3pm to finish our games upload them and make a YouTube trailer for them…..

We had quite a bit to do today but we did it! We finished our game, it is pretty awesome, here’s a video of some more play test footage from earlier and I will open it up tomorrow and do so screenshots of it and share them with you guys!

I am now in my onesie, just had some awesome pizza and in bed watching a movie, I’m so tired but I’m trying my best to stay awake, don’t wanna get into some crazy sleeping pattern =P

Not sure how long I’ll stay awake for though it’s already getting pretty hard to keep my eyes open already =P

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend and I shall see you all tomorrow


Global Games Jam Day 3: PLAYTEST FOOTAGE!!!

So here is a quick video, well I say quick it’s actually 5 and a half minutes that I filmed yesterday of the guys testing out some of the mechanics for our game!

It’s a fun game to play, pretty simple but fun!

Today is the last day of Games Jam we have until 3pm to finish our games, build and record a trailer!


100 Bouncy Balls & An Empty Room….

Have you ever thought about that? like how awesome it would be to do or to see!

I was thinking about it the other day, it was just a thought that randomly popped into my head…. cue hours on end watching YouTube videos of bouncy balls being dropped in slow mo, down stairs, from balconies…… the great YouTube vortex claims another victim!

One day…. one day I will rent out a hall and buy tons of bouncy balls and do it for myself!

Until then here are some awesome videos of bouncy balls! Enjoy!!

^^Skip to 2:53 for this one!

So yeah! those are some of the videos I spent hours watching the other day =P

See you all in the next post!


The YouTube Vortex…

Sup Guys!

Hope you’re all having a good night =D I am, I’ve spent the last couple of hours watching clips from my favourite stand up comedians and reliving some f my college days through them, of course I have amazing taste in comedy so I only like the best =P

One of my favourite comedians has to be Michael McIntyre, I dunno why but there’s just something utterly hilarious about him, everything he says is funny! If you like him you will get why I like him so much, he has a few awesome clips but one of my favourites is this one.

Many a good hour or two were spent watching this clip with my friends from college, and many of them hours we spent wetting ourselves over it!

The wonderful thing about YouTubeΒ is that it is a great big window to everything, you name it, it is more than likely on there, I have spent many a day getting lost in the YouTube vortex watching hilarious videos of people pranking each other, funny cats and people doing stupid dances, there is one clip of some guy dancing to a Michael Jackson song, this was also discovered in my college days, the guy falls flat on his face, it is hilarious and I just used to watch it over and over! =P

Here it is!

There is just something hilarious about how he starts screaming and then just falls on his face… maybe I’m weird but my god this makes me laugh!

Then there is the prank videos! There is probably a massive list of prank videos that I could reel off that I love, but one that has provided hours of entertainment was this one! =P

It takes a little while to get into it, but damn when you get there it is bloody hilarious =P I wouldn’t ever want anyone to do that to me cause I would probably crap myself but it’s always funny to see it happen to others =P


Then of course, there is always that weird part of the YouTube vortex that you end up in, it makes you question your life, how did you get here and how is it 6am!! last time you looked at the clock it was 4pm where did the time go, is it really worth going to bed now! I’ll just watch one more video……then its time to go to uni and you haven’t slept! damn that YouTube vortex! but lets not forget, it brings happiness and joy, laughter and sometimes pain but where would we be without it?!

Oh yeah SLEEPING that’s where =P I wouldn’t give it up for the world though!

All hail the YouTube Vortex!!


Hope you guys enjoyed this, I shall see you all tomorrow!