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Happy Easter! 🐣

Just a quick post today and its a day late at that! but,


Hope you all had a great Easter yesterday, me and Arran spent time with both our families, it was a great weekend and a nice break from unpacking from our recent house move!

We got quite a bit of chocolate, i reckon it’ll last us probably two/three weeks! also this is our last Easter as just the two of us! how exciting, next year we will hopefully be in Cyprus celebrating with our little dude for his first Easter!

Here is a pic of all the chocolate that we got, I think we did pretty well!

Did you guys get much chocolate? 


One For The Ladies =D

Sup guys!

This one is more for the girls πŸ˜‰ incase you didn’t guess by the title πŸ˜€

So my friend found this earlier, which I thought was pretty awesome, I wish this sort of thing would have been around when I was younger, quite tempted to try it out when I have some money!

It’s basically a gift box that you can tailor to your own preferences, its such a great idea!

Something to make you feel better once a month, to say congrats you made it through another month, I mean not that it’s that hard, but some people get it pretty rough and that sucks, fortunately im one of the lucky few that doesn’t get it so rough, maybe a headache if im unlucky πŸ˜€

But still I would have loved this when I got my first period, cause there’s no denying it, however lucky or unlucky you are it still sucks, especially when you first start, it was scary and I didn’t wanna tell anyone, I was unfortunate enough to be on holiday the first time, my mom is very open though and I can go to her with anything, though that still didn’t make telling her easy! I think I waited like a day before I told her, I kinda hoped it would go away but it didn’t obviously =P

So if you know someone who’s just started, these are awesome, you can pick everything that goes into it and there is a ton of cool stuff!! They even send you sweets!! I mean sweets always make everything better πŸ˜€

Or even if you’re a veteran πŸ˜‰ go check these out! they’re awesome and who doesn’t love receiving stuff in the post! Guaranteed to make you feel better, it’s a gift box of awesome!

Something to look forward to at a time when you know you’re not gonna feel that great!