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So it’s been less than a month I think since I planted my sunflowers, they are now biggish and we (me and my mom) finally got around to planting them in the garden last Sunday (23.04.17) I planted 75 seeds in trays and roughly half of them germinated, we then planted the 12 best ones in our garden, 6 red and 6 yellow! We still have some good looking ones left over which I will be giving to family, this is usually what I do when I plant a ton of seeds, cause who doesn’t love to be gifted Sunflowers!! 🌻🌻

Some got eaten by snails though as I’ve been keeping them outside in their pots so they can get the most of the nice sun we have been having!

Anyway, here are some pics of how they looked before we planted them in the ground!

And here are some pics of the ones we planted in the garden!

Sadly none of my dwarf red ones grew, not sure why, I did the same with them as with my others, I guess they were just dud seeds, was quite looking forward to seeing what those ones looked like as well, but nevermind, try again next year!

These giant ones though are supposed to grow up to 14ft… will be interesting to see how big they do grow and I will definitely post updates on them here too!

Enjoy 🌻🌻🌻


April The Giraffe…

April The Giraffe! 

The Internet star broadcast through YouTube and CBS Denver on Facebook, possibly the most anticipated birth on the internet right now… (Maybe), April the Giraffe from NY along with her baby daddy Oliver!

Such a cute couple wouldn’t you say?

Roughly 5k people all over the world tune in every day in the hopes of catching a glimpse of this spectacular mommy give birth, it’s insane! She has no idea how famous she is and if she did do you think she would want the entire world watching her give birth?! I know I wouldn’t!! but she takes it like a trooper and just goes about her day, I wonder how she would feel if she knew we were all watching her?

She even has her own page on the Animal Adventure Park NY website… April The Giraffe

I have been checking in more or less every day since probably the last week of Feb, I’ve never seen a Giraffe give birth before, but I’m not obsessed like some people are, some stay up til’ all hours of the day watching, not wanting to miss the grand event, there is so much anticipation surrounding her birth, people speculate when it will happen, question if its even real and some just watch silently enjoying the up close and personal perspective we are getting into the life of a Giraffe!


It’s great and gives me something to kill time with, come join us crazies who are all eagerly awaiting this baby!!

Now the next big question is, boy or girl?!

Spring Has Sprung! 🌻

Well almost… 6 Days!

I can’t wait, I am so done with the cold weather now, I’m ready for a bit of sun and warmth, also my baby will hopefully be a May baby and I am super ready for him to be here except for I’m not actually ready, I have literally nothing prepared, but hey I got like 5 to 10 weeks til he could decide to make an appearance, plenty of time right…

So anyway who else is excited for spring?

One of my favourite things about Spring is flowers, specifically Sunflowers, I am pretty sure I have posted about my love of Sunflowers before, but man do I love them, especially giant ones, they are so satisfying and easy to grow!! I haven’t grown any in about 3/4 years but this year I have decided that seeing as I am moving back to my parents house I will grow some again! I planted 72 seeds (a bit excessive I know) on the 6th of March, 24 Giant Red ones, 24 Giant Yellow ones and 24 red/yellow Dwarf ones, so far 18 have started growing, it took them roughly 5 days to start sprouting and I am super excited to see how they look when they flower which should be around May/June time I think, though don’t quote me on that as it has been a long time since I’ve grown them!

There are loads of other great things about Spring, here are some of my favourites:

  • The smell of freshly cut grass
  • Baby animals (especially ducks)
  • Sunshine
  • Warmth
  • Flowers
  • Everywhere starts to look more alive again
  • Easter!!

Hayfever however is a bit of a downside to spring and summer but hey you gotta take the good with the bad right…

Here are some pics of my freshly sprouting baby Sunflowers for your viewing pleasure!

These are them when I first planted them on the 6th of March.

And these are them today on the 14th of March there are 18 in these pics, though it may be quite hard to see them all as the picture quality isn’t great.

If all of these Sunflowers grow I am going to have soo many! I tend to give them away to family and friends though when I grow loads like this because there is no way they would all fit in my parents garden!

Anyone else have a favourite plant to grow during Spring/Summer?

Thunder… :( 

So as I sit here writing this it’s half 2 in the morning and for the last hour I’ve been watching two storm fronts come over…. 

The rain has just started pouring down, the Lightning is lighting ups the sky and the thunder is apocalyptically loud…. I must say though that when it comes to thunder storms I am the biggest wuss going, I have a love hate relationship with them, I think they’re awesome cause nature bitches, but, then they also scare the crap out of me cause they are so loud! I also have this fear that my house will get struck by lightning, I know it’s very unlikely but still it’s not an irrational thought…

Right now I’m sat at the end of my bed with my duvet wrapped around my and my teddy in my lap, watching the storm through my window, it’s took about an hour for it to get here, before it was just lots of lightning and the odd rumble of thunder, now though I’ve seen fork lightning and people’s car alarms have started going off, it’s also a monsoon outside…. Pretty convinced that this is the apocalypse… 

There is no way I’m getting back to sleep until this storm has passed over! 

Our storms in the UK are pretty weak compared to the ones you get in America, it’s not often i see proper fork lightning where I live, probably like three times ever in my life, two of which were tonight! But they are still damn scary! Or maybe it’s just me… One good thing about this though is after the last few days of really hot weather at least the air will be clear and hopefully less humid…. Maybe

Anyway, I’m going to go cry in the corner under my duvet now, hope none of you guys are being kept awake by these storms! But, if you are let me know how bad it is by you!

P.s. Looks like we have another one coming in, this is going to be a long night! 

Steak & Lava…

Sup Guys,

I was watching this the other day….

Is it just me or does that not look awesome!!

Also, I find lava has this really weird appeal to it, like it looks so good, nice and warm, you just wanna get right in it…. No? Just me then…

My brain tells me its a dumb idea but then the rest of me is like, it looks so inviting!

Maybe I could be a contender for a Darwin award 😀

Or I just should steer clear of volcanoes and the like…

Damn now I’m hungry…

Global Games Jam Day 3: TOOLS DOWN!!

So today has been super busy, we had until 3pm to finish our games upload them and make a YouTube trailer for them…..

We had quite a bit to do today but we did it! We finished our game, it is pretty awesome, here’s a video of some more play test footage from earlier and I will open it up tomorrow and do so screenshots of it and share them with you guys!

I am now in my onesie, just had some awesome pizza and in bed watching a movie, I’m so tired but I’m trying my best to stay awake, don’t wanna get into some crazy sleeping pattern =P

Not sure how long I’ll stay awake for though it’s already getting pretty hard to keep my eyes open already =P

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend and I shall see you all tomorrow


Terrific Tuesday Trials: Dauntless!

Sup guys!

The theme for this weeks Terrific Tuesday Trials from LenzExperiments is called Dauntless!



This is an old picture of my baby =D as you can see it is from 2007, her name is Toffee and she was roughly 8 months old in this photo,  =)

Guinea pigs are well known for being skittish animals, they tend to stick to the walls and run away from you when you get too close…. well Toffee was the complete opposite of that, she spent the majority of her life living with us in the house, she would quite happily sit under your feet, wander round freely in the middle of the room and even follow you into the kitchen for treats =P she was the bravest guinea pig that we had, she was one of 4 =)

In this pic she had been out in her run in the garden all day, I wanted to get a nice picture of her and when I opened the cage that is what I got! I think she looks so happy in this pic, like she is smiling, anyway, she didn’t run away from me she just stood and looked at me =P I think she was expecting me to get her out and take her back in the house or something but I didn’t, I just wanted a nice pic of her =D

So my entry this week is my awesome guinea pig =D


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Hope you guys enjoyed this and I shall see you all in the next post!


Terrific Tuesday Trials: Candid Capture

Sup Guys,

Another photography challenge! I love them! =D

This one is called Terrific Tuesday Trials and you can find it over on LenzExperiments, this weeks theme is Candid Capture!

Enjoy =)



This Dragonfly got into my conservatory, I was growing Sunflowers in there at the time and that is what it is sat on =) I had to be pretty quick to get this photo cause it kept flying off, I love the colours of it =D it eventually found its way out of the conservatory but it took quite a while =P


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Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

I will be doing more of these Terrific Tuesday Trials challenges so keep an eye out next week!


I shall see you all later =D


A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Remote

Sup Guys!

Long time no speak =P I shall update you all in the next post but for now here is my entry to this weeks photo challenge!

This weeks photo challenge from A Word In Your Ear is the word Remote! Head over to Sue’s blog to have a look at all the other awesome entries!

Brecon Beacons (Taken in 2012)
Brecon Beacons

This is a pic that I took when me and Nick went on holiday to the Brecon Beacons in 2012 =D It’s such a beautiful place and when you’re out walking on the beacons it’s so quiet and peaceful =D

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Hope you all enjoyed this post =D

See you in the next one!


A Word A Week Photograph Challenge: Orange

Sup Guys!

This weeks photo challenge from A Word In Your Ear is the word Orange! Head over to Sue’s blog to have a look at all the other awesome entries!

The picture I have gone for, is a picture of the first ever pumpkin that I carved on Halloween about 2 years ago =D I’m also posting a pic of a beautiful flower that I found in Cornwall whilst visiting St Michael’s Mount, I’m not sure what type of flower it is but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it!


IMG_0462  DSCF6342


The face of Jack Skellington! The pumpkin King =D and the gorgeous flower!

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Hope you guys enjoyed this and i shall see you all tomorrow!


P.S. Happy 1st of June!!