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Happy Easter! 🐣

Just a quick post today and its a day late at that! but,


Hope you all had a great Easter yesterday, me and Arran spent time with both our families, it was a great weekend and a nice break from unpacking from our recent house move!

We got quite a bit of chocolate, i reckon it’ll last us probably two/three weeks! also this is our last Easter as just the two of us! how exciting, next year we will hopefully be in Cyprus celebrating with our little dude for his first Easter!

Here is a pic of all the chocolate that we got, I think we did pretty well!

Did you guys get much chocolate? 


Easter Bakes!

So I know it’s only March but yesterday me and my friend decided to have an early Easter!

We did some baking! We took some inspiration off Pinterest and made a Mini Egg and Marshmallow Rocky Road!

To make it we followed a simple Tiffin recipe and then added our own stuff to it, our own stuff being Mini Eggs and Marshmallows, it didn’t take us too long and was super fun and very yummy and of course we both Instagramed the finished product!

Here are some pics!

Looks good right!! Well I can confirm it tasted great!

Piercings! =D

Sup Guys!

long time no see =P

Been a while since I last posted, hope you all had an awesome Easter =D mine was pretty chilled, I went home for the weekend to see the family and then took a trip up to Chester for the day to see my sister last Saturday, we did a bit of shopping and got some dinner at a rather posh Italian restaurant which was nice, I then proceeded to leave everything I bought at her house being the muppet that I am =P fortunately she’s going to post it all to me which will be fun, get to open parcels!! I mean who doesn’t love opening a parcel right?!

In other news, I’ve been contemplating getting another piercing for a while, I already have my ears done and I was thinking about getting them done again, there was also my belly button as an option, I’ve had that done before, about 8 years ago give or take, it didn’t heal properly and kept getting irritated by everything so I took it out and let it heal…. I decided having my ears done again wasn’t really something I like all that much right now, maybe in the future, we’ll see, so naturally the only option left was to get my belly button re-pierced! =D that then took a few more weeks of working up the courage to go and get it done and finally, yesterday I got it pierced! =D

I went to a place round the corner from my house in Stafford called Dezign Tattoo Studios, it only cost me Β£10 to get it Β done and they were great, it barely hurt and they had it over with in a couple of minutes =D I’m a bit of a wuss though, I’m not good with stuff like that and I worked myself up a little before hand which inevitably lead to me almost passing out afterwards, they were really nice though and told me to just chill in the shop for a bit til the feeling passed =P I love it though I think it looks great and I’m so glad I got it done again =D it’s a bit sore today, and I cant sleep on my stomach for a while, getting dressed is also a bit tricky but hopefully that wont last too long =D

Here is a pic of it, just to show it off to you guys =P


I’m not the skinniest person in the world but I’m working on that, started going to the gym over Easter with one of my housemates, and by started I mean we went once but I plan to go at least once every 2 weeks, hopefully once a week if I can find the time, need to look good for Disney!

Speaking of Disney……. only 183 days to go!!! So excited!! I got my new passport last week now just need to decide what trips we are doing when we get there and buy the park tickets! We may also be flying first class which would be so damn awesome! I’ve never done first class for anything before =D

Anyway, hope you’ve all had an awesome Easter and are enjoying this lovely weather =D

See you in the next post!