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The Mummy Diaries: The Nursery Is Finished!

It is finally finished, clothes are all washed, pictures are hung, Moses basket is here and the room is tidy! 

It’s not a very big room but it will do, baby will mostly be in my bedroom for the first few months anyway so it’s not like he will need a ton of space. We did it fairly neutral although I have sort of gone with a bit of an animal theme, I like animals and baby’s like animals so why not, also that way I get to add colours to the room subtly without making the room look smaller by using bright colours on the walls!

Here are some pics!

His cot is mine from when I was a baby and has just been repainted and had a new mattress bought for it, the pictures on the wall my mom made for us and the colourful door knobs I painted myself, so a lot of effort and love has gone into it and I think it looks pretty damn good!!

Anyone else decorated their nursery with mostly handmade/hand me down items?


The Mummy Diaries: Baby Shower!

So it’ll have been 3 weeks tomorrow since my baby shower 😱 I definitely planned on writing this post a lot sooner than now but I have been super busy with baby stuff!

Anyway, my baby shower! It was a great day, if not a little overwhelming but I still had a ton of fun and am very thankful to all of my family and friends who came to celebrate with me! Baby boy got lots of lovely pressies, more clothes than he will ever need and I even got a couple of presents too! Which I wasn’t expecting πŸ˜›

My baby shower was at my parents house as it is a lot bigger than my flat, my mom organised it and my sister and Arran’s mom bought the decorations. It was such a good day, my mom organised some quizzes and a few other games like pin the dummy on the baby and we had a guess how many jelly babies are in the jar too, definitely one of the most fun days I’ve had in a long time! However, I’m not one for being the centre of attention so it was rather overwhelming for me too, having everyone watching me opening presents and just having everyone there to celebrate me and the baby was crazy, I definitely slept well that night cause I was just physically and mentally exhausted!! Still a ton of fun and for anyone who’s thinking of having one I would definitely recommend it, its a great way to get all of your family together!

We had about 25 guests but I didn’t take many pics during the day cause I was just so busy and distracted but here are a few 😊

And some pics of the lovely gifts we received!

So yeah overall it was an awesome day! and now I only have just over 5 weeks to go til my due date!!!

Excited and scared!

Animal Crossing New Leaf: R.I.P Dracwyn…

Animal Crossing is a game that I love, I was pretty late to the party and only started playing it 2 years ago, but, in the last 2 years of playing I have grown to absolutely love the game.

For those of you who don’t know the game you are basically the mayor of a town full of animals, you can have up to 10 animal villagers and 4 player characters, you run the town as your Mayor making friends with the villagers who live there and building public works projects to enhance and customize your town.

My first ever town was called Dracwyn, I loved this town and had some awesome villagers over the course that I played it including:

  • Flora
  • Beau
  • Willow
  • Quillson
  • Limberg
  • Poppy
  • Pekoe
  • Phil
  • Drago

Some of my favourites, but eventually it came time to move on, as this was my first town I didn’t really know what I was doing properly, I didn’t put much thought into what i wanted the layout of my map to be like and I didnt really put much thought into how I wanted my town to look once it was fully developed and as such ended up plonking projects willy nilly, over the last few months I really grew bored of this town, I lacked inspiration for it and just sort of stopped playing the game, so, I decided it was time to say goodbye to Dracwyn and start a new life in a new town and so Mirabar was born! But, I will leave that for another post!

Here are some happy memories from Dracwyn…

I loved this little town and the villagers in it, but it was definitely time to move on…

R.I.P Dracwyn…

Global Games Jam Day 2: QUENTIN’S PHOTOSHOOT!!

So yesterday me and Nick decided to take our little mascot out for a photoshoot around uni in all the rooms being used for games jam! Here’s his pics! He was great to work with, a natural in front of the camera I would say πŸ˜€

Last night I decided to go home and get some sleep, we managed to get a fair bit done and we all figured it would be best to sleep at home last night then stay at uni tonight, so tonight I will be sleeping on a lovely hard floor under a blanket!

So far Games Jam is awesome and I’m having a lot of fun!

Hope you guys are all having an awesome weekend and I’m sure ill see you later!


Global Games Jam Day 1: ORIGAMI DUCK!!

Our team is called Bonus Ducks so…….

Me and my friend (he’s reading now and was taking the mick cause I called him a teammate πŸ˜› ) Nick decided it would be fitting to make an origami duck!

Meet Quentin!


He is now our team mascot!

Enjoy =D

Meet Dave!

I want you all to meet Dave!

This is Dave he is our 5th housemate in Stafford, he lives mainly in the lounge but sometimes he goes into the hall =)


He is super easy to live with, he makes no mess, no noise and no demands…. he is like the most perfect housemate! I love him =D

He moved in around September 2014 and has lived with us ever since, in fact he has stayed a lot longer than any of us ever thought he would =D

Hopefully my other housemate won’t have killed him before I get back on Friday, I want him to survive forever but I’m thinking now that if he’s starting to look a bit sorry for himself I will put him out of his misery, cause I love him and it is cruel to let him suffer =) but we shall see how he is looking when I get back =D

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend!


The Onesie Wonder From My Point Of View…..

So Onesies…….

I never really understood them, I mean why would an adult want to wear something that babies live in?

Now I’m 24 almost 25 and I got a onesie for Christmas, It was something id asked for cause I’d seen a Minnie Mouse one that I really liked, I thought sod it ill give it a try, see what all the fuss is about…. little did I know that this would then end up in me owning 3 onesies in the space of a week and pretty much living in them for the next 3/4 days… I am currently wearing one as I write this =P

I got the Minnie Mouse one that I asked for and I then went out and bought a Moomins one and an Animal from The Muppets one…. THEY ARE SO COMFY!!!

I now understand the obsession that has come about, they are comfy and warm and convenient (unless you want to go to the toilet and are a girl) they are great to sit around in and you don’t feel like you’re in PJs all day either it’s amazing! Seriously if you do not own a onesie I would recommend buying one and then never taking it off!!

I am well and truly a onesie convert, I always used to think they were pointless, a stupid gimmick and for childish people…. but nope, they are wonderful! and I can’t remember what life was like without one =P ……………….. well I can but you get what I mean =P I definitely don’t regret buying mine! They are also pretty cute, according to my boyfriend =P





My three onesies!! They are all super comfy and definitely my best purchase of 2014 =P

Any of you guys own onesies? Whats your view on them?

See you guys later!


Impromptu Date Night!

My favourite kind! I get to see Matt tonight for a few hours for Chinese so happy!

Hope all you guys are having a good weekend πŸ˜€

He is the kinda person who if I only got to see him for an hour it would make me happy, I appreciate and value all the time we get together on our own, it’s always fun, I really like him and I really hope this lasts between us cause right now there is nothing I want more than him =)

I wasn’t gunna post today but hey I guess situations change, and I decided I wanted to tell you guys about it cause I AM SOOOO HAPPY!!!

See you all in the next post!


Terrific Tuesday Trials: Dauntless!

Sup guys!

The theme for this weeks Terrific Tuesday Trials from LenzExperiments is called Dauntless!



This is an old picture of my baby =D as you can see it is from 2007, her name is Toffee and she was roughly 8 monthsΒ old in this photo, Β =)

Guinea pigs are well known for being skittish animals, they tend to stick to the walls and run away from you when you get too close…. well Toffee was the complete opposite of that, she spent the majority of her life living with us in the house, she would quite happily sit under your feet, wander round freely in the middle of the room and even follow you into the kitchen for treats =P she was the bravest guinea pig that we had, she was one of 4 =)

In this pic she had been out in her run in the garden all day, I wanted to get a nice picture of her and when I opened the cage that is what I got! I think she looks so happy in this pic, like she is smiling, anyway, she didn’t run away from me she just stood and looked at me =P I think she was expecting me to get her out and take her back in the house or something but I didn’t, I just wanted a nice pic of her =D

So my entry this week is my awesome guinea pig =D


Here are some other awesome entries!

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Hope you guys enjoyed this and I shall see you all in the next post!


Bee Hotel Now Taking Reservations!

Today has been a super nice day, it was really warm and sunny all day and hopefully tomorrow will be the same!

Me and Nick spent most of it hiding away in the house lol we prefer to look at the nice weather rather than be out in it, I burn quite easily and I hate being really hot, however, we did go out in the garden quite frequently throughout the day today because up on my decking we have a small insect house, its been up for a couple of years but the bees didn’t really start using it until last year.

The bee house is full of hollow bamboo canes, and underneath is a little area for ladybirds, but we haven’t had any ladybirds move in.
When the bees move in they lay their eggs and then seal the hole, last year we had about 19 holes sealed, this year we are already at 16 sealed holes and there are more bees using it than ever! in fact there are so many trying to use it that there isn’t enough space for them all so I’ve bought another from amazon, this new one is a lot bigger and is purely for the bees!

It’s pretty cool watching them use it as well, we stood on our decking not far from it and watched them coming and going for ages, they just completely ignored us and went about their business, we are pretty sure the ones that are using it now are the ones that hatched because last year it took a while for them to start using it, this year though they have used it straight away!


That was our bee house last June, there are 16 holes filled and the eggs hatched this spring I think, we thought it took a week but we watched it for ages and nothing happened, then my mom noticed that there were a lot of bees around it the other day and that the sealed holes were now open!


This is our bee house this year! I took this pic today and there were at least 3 bees in it when I took it, all the others were out collecting bits to fill their holes! I shall post an update in about a week but me and Nick are pretty convinced that all of the holes are being used! =D

I’m now trying to figure out what sort of flowers and stuff bees like the best, any suggestions guys? let me know =D

Hope you all enjoyed this post!

See you tomorrow.