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The Mummy Diaries: Baby Clothes Haul!πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸΌ

So the other day I decided to go through all of the clothes that baby boy has, I wanted to take stock of them so I photographed them all and figured why not write a baby haul post about them!

He has quite a lot of things already but I imagine he will have even more after the baby shower, I will do another haul then to show off all the new stuff!

Anyway here are all of his clothes so far!

So yeah as you can see he has quite a few things already! This little dude is going to be spoiled!

He has some lovely hand knitted cardigans made by Arran’s Grandma, quite a few pairs of shoes, including some Uggs which i am super jealous of! I don’t even own a pair of Uggs!! and some cool bits that my family brought home from Vegas, all in all he is doing well so far and he is definitely going to be a trendy kid!

The Onesie Wonder From My Point Of View…..

So Onesies…….

I never really understood them, I mean why would an adult want to wear something that babies live in?

Now I’m 24 almost 25 and I got a onesie for Christmas, It was something id asked for cause I’d seen a Minnie Mouse one that I really liked, I thought sod it ill give it a try, see what all the fuss is about…. little did I know that this would then end up in me owning 3 onesies in the space of a week and pretty much living in them for the next 3/4 days… I am currently wearing one as I write this =P

I got the Minnie Mouse one that I asked for and I then went out and bought a Moomins one and an Animal from The Muppets one…. THEY ARE SO COMFY!!!

I now understand the obsession that has come about, they are comfy and warm and convenient (unless you want to go to the toilet and are a girl) they are great to sit around in and you don’t feel like you’re in PJs all day either it’s amazing! Seriously if you do not own a onesie I would recommend buying one and then never taking it off!!

I am well and truly a onesie convert, I always used to think they were pointless, a stupid gimmick and for childish people…. but nope, they are wonderful! and I can’t remember what life was like without one =P ……………….. well I can but you get what I mean =P I definitely don’t regret buying mine! They are also pretty cute, according to my boyfriend =P





My three onesies!! They are all super comfy and definitely my best purchase of 2014 =P

Any of you guys own onesies? Whats your view on them?

See you guys later!