Break Ups SUCK!

So yesterday sucked…

Me and Gilly broke up 😦 

I guess I kinda saw it coming, like things felt a little weird, I told him I loved him a couple days ago and then after that things didn’t feel the same as before, he woke up yesterday to a huge essay from me asking him about stuff and then he came round and we broke up…

He told me he didn’t feel that strongly about me and that it was unfair for me to be with someone who couldn’t say they loved me back, and so it was for the best, we’re going back to being just friends, so I guess that’s somethin, at least I haven’t lost him altogether…

I’m not mad at him or bitter, cause I love him, and I respect him a lot for calling it off rather than stringing me along faking things that weren’t there you know, I just keep thinking if I never said anything would things have been different, but then I wanted him to know how I really felt so maybe what I did was a good thing…

So yeah I’m feeling pretty crappy at the minute, didn’t get much sleep the night before cause I was up thinking about all this and then last night I didn’t get much sleep either cause, it was kinda hard to switch my brain off :/ 

Nick was lovely though yesterday, as soon as I told him he came round and spent the day with me, he already had plans and I felt bad for dragging him away from them but, I just couldn’t be alone yesterday…

Anyway, I hope you guys weekends were better than mine!

I shall see you all later



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