Wednesday’s Dinner!

Sup Guys!

So continuing with the healthy eating, on Wednesday I had a fairly healthy Stir fry, I used all fresh stuff, and it was pretty tasty πŸ˜€

I really am trying! I’ve noticed though that since I have started eating more regularly my hands are a lot warmer, this is something that I haven’t had in a long time and I’m sure Gilly could vouch for me, my hands are always freezing, even if it is really warm out, my hands are ice cold….

I always hated it but I had no idea why it was happening, turns out it was to do with how little I ate on a daily basis =P

I’m not a massive fan of food in general, well, ok, I love certain foods, but for the most part im just not that bothered about it, if I could survive off just drinks alone I’d be happy, of course I would miss some stuff but I’d learn to live with it =P

Anyways, here is what I cooked!


I have also upgraded to healthier snacks too, I bought some really nice crisps, and flavoured water, so we’re getting there!

Determined to make this work!

Note for the future though, buy rice noodles, they are way better than egg noodles

Anyone got any healthy recipes they wanna share with me?

Leave them in the comments!

See you tomorrow πŸ˜€



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