Kudos To Commuters!

I used to be one of you, getting up at 5am everyday to get into uni for 9am, you feel like you’ve done a full day already by the time you get there and then you realise you have another 8 hours ahead of you, tired eyes and your desk looking more comfy than it ever has!!

I don’t know how you do it but my god you people are strong…. Or crazy I have yet to decide =P I can’t do it anymore, it’s enough that I have to get the train home every Tuesday for my driving lesson, the relief I feel though getting back on that train at 10 past 5 in the evening is amazing, even more so if I know I’m going home to an awesome night with Matt =) which is what I’m doing tonight, I’m sat on a train that smells bad, listening to Basshunter and thinking ahead to tonight, I have 2 stops til I have to get off so I will probably keep writing right up til then =P

But anyway back to commuters, I used to do it, I can’t anymore, I don’t know how I did it for a whole year before but it definitely wore thin by June, I’m glad I have a house near uni now, I just wish the one guy I live with wasn’t such a dick most of the time, but hey nevermind I can deal with that next year, when my friend from Brum hopefully moves up! We can get a new house and be happy and not have to deal with him being an ass all the time =P

Where I can have a double bed that he won’t moan about me having all the time, where plates will get washed…. Where someone other than me all the time will clean up!!! Ah the student dream =P

I have some exciting news for you all in my next post, pretty sure I haven’t announced it yet but hey if I have you get to share in my excitement all over again!!

Hope everyone’s week is going well and I shall see you all in the next post!



4 thoughts on “Kudos To Commuters!”

  1. I commuted when I was on my work experience – it wasn’t for long, but after that I was like, never again! So tiring!

    Looking forward to your next post πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks for the read and the follow!

      Haha yes that is exactly how it made me feel, so glad i live near uni now, its still a good 40 minute walk but ill take that over 2 hours commuting πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I wish I lived closer to uni sometimes! If the buses came on time it’s only take 45 minutes but more often than not they just don’t… It normally takes 90 minutes to get onto campus!


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