Zero To Hero Day 11: Hello Neighbours!

Day 11, so I didn’t post this last night as I was spending time with my boyfriend and we got lost in the world of Netflix, he reactivated his account cause I couldn’t decide what film to watch, we ended up watching Rango and then we had a nostalgia trip and watched a few episodes of Johnny Bravo from 1997, and episode of Powerpuff Girls and an episode of Samurai Jack!! T’was a fun night =D

Anyway, today is day 11 and today’s challenge is to go deeper into the blogosphere and leave fellow bloggers come comments, I’m now going to link to the three blogs that I commented on and tell you why I chose them!!

  • All Things Michael!
    – I’m a massive Michael Jackson nut, I love him and anything to do with him, so it was only natural that I would follow a blog that was all about him. The particular post I commented on was about an event, it features images of the event and images on lots of memorabilia, it’s an awesome post and if you are an MJ fan I would definitely recommend this blog!
  • Hacker. Ninja. Hooker. Spy
    – So I found this blog today under the Freshly Pressed section, the post I commented on was ideas on how to pass time at work on a Monday, some information I think we would all approve of, despite not being in work I am currently mastering the skill of procrastination and will definitely be putting some of these techniques to use over the next few weeks!
  • In Search Of Balance
    – This is another blog that I found today under Freshly Pressed, I’m a massive fan of photography and the post that I commented on has some absolutely beautiful shots, this blog along with many of the other photography blogs I follow has definitely inspired me to get my camera out more often and share some of my best photos with you all!


I really enjoyed this challenge it was quite a bit different to the others we have had so far, this has actually probably been my favourite one cause it has encouraged me to go check out other blogs more, which challenge has been your favourite so far guys? would be fun to know!

Hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll be back in a few hours when the next challenge goes live!
See you all later.


4 thoughts on “Zero To Hero Day 11: Hello Neighbours!”

  1. Aw, thanks for linking to me and for leaving a comment on my post! You’re doing an awesome job of jumping into WordPress– I’m impressed by anyone who can stick with a 30-day blogging challenge of any kind!


    1. You’re welcome, your blog is awesome!

      Hehe thanks, i’m definitely going to stick to it for the full 30 days =D Thanks for stopping by and reading!


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